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    After reading about the chemoembolization I wanted to share about just embolization and RFA together. My husband Joe has intrahepatic cc with mets to liver and lung,diagnosed last July. He has three large liver tumors but one is more active than the original first two. They chose to do embolization to the active tumor one day (not using chemo but something else that would cut off the blood supply) and then the next day he had the RFA which is done similar to a liver biopsy where they go in through his side and put a probe into his tumor (the tumor cannot be larager than 5 cm) and then they zap it to kill the tissue. He was in the hospital for two nights and has had a very difficult time coming back after it. It was done three weeks ago and he still has not regained his strength. He was not expecting the pain he had and the Vicodin caused constipation which added to the problems. I was glad to see that his experience was not uncommon. At first we thought things were not going well because he just wasn’t getting rid of the pain but finally it has dissapated. He is undergoing IPT therapy at the same time so his blood counts have been going down. This is alternative therapy and we are done with that in 4 more days. It is not covered by Medicare so three months of it is all we can swing. He has his second Pet scan today and we will see if the tumor has died as we hope. Now we will go home to Illinois and just use diet and prayer and hope his immune system can take care of the rest. The good thing is his 5 small tumors in his lungs are not growing. It has been difficult to keep up with this website when we are away from home in Az because I dont’ have a computer in the condo but when we get back home I will be more regular. We do have a blog on here under Coburn. Thanks to all of you for your advice, support and prayers. It is nice to have support from people that understand what this is like. God Bless Mary Anne

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