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    Hi Beatriz,

    I am glad to be of help as always! Having too also been a carer for my dad during his battle with this cancer I often wondered as well about stuff like that that you mention. But I would argue that we can all only do what we did to help our loved ones through it all. Yes we all want to have better screening in many ways to detect CC as early as possible and I am confident that that will come with time. Just not fast enough as we would all like though! But technology being what it is and developing as fast as it is in many ways I do think much better screening will come in time.

    That is great to hear about the breast cancer screening study and I keep my fingers crossed that the trial and study will lead to positive developments on that front. It does seem like so often in the general news now we hear of new trials and programs to do this that and the next thing with regards to many cancers etc so lets keep our fingers crossed!




    Hi Gavin!

    Thanks for all these posts….After being a caregiver for this horrible condition, I often wondered back on what could have been done to screen it earlier or the awareness of red flags from the body/liver….

    This morning I received an email from UC San Diego to participate in a study for breast cancer screening because they is sooo much information out there that is confusing for us patients to know when and how often to screen. The study is called “Wisdom” by Athena and is aiming to recruit 100K participants who do not have breast cancer so there are 3 arms: choice to get personalized recomendation/screening, random, and current annual mamogram screeing. I signed up for the personalized and the first thing they are doing is a saliva testing to see if there are genetic markers (the company is Color Genomic) and based on this results plus my lifestyle/health questionnaire they will be doing a screening recommendation (meaning if I need a mammo every year or two years, etc..)

    I wish there will be a similar study for GI cancers especifically Cholangio that can be done to study potential screenings. There are sooo many genetic companies out there (blood, saliva, and even fecal) wonder what and how something like this can come into reality. For instance, VIOME is a fecal test out there that tells you the % of good bacteria vs. % of bad bacteria and even tells you which foods are causing inflammation (the foundation to all cancers and other chronic diseases) and based on the results there are food /dietary recommendations to balance the Microbiome which is where the immune system lives. Most of us know which foods are bad and good and if we are leading a healthy lifestyle, however, we don’t do it (including myself).

    I am grateful for your daily contributions and this community here as there is zero Cholangio advice and resources out there besides this one (let alone in other languages) and finding an early screening tool(s) is not only important but necessary.



    Emerging Technologies for the Diagnosis of Perihilar Cholangiocarcinoma.


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