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    Congratulations!!! STABLE is so awesome!!! Keep up the good work……and by the way aren’t we all supposed to gain weight in the winter??? That is my excuse…anyway! Hugs….Melinda


    Hooray Chris…..stable is what we want to hear from you. Glad the port was a little better…but I still wonder if it did’t tip slightly and they’re getting the needle in slightly in the wrong place. My chemo nurses were certain they had gotten into the right place, but it was obviously not working. Eventually, every time, they wound up finding a way to hold that port over the skin by one nurse as the other put in the needle. When my port was removed, the IR guy who took it out said that it had moved and as bad as it was in the beginning, it was then in a worse position. They can move and tilt,…and the tilting is apparently what causes them the most trouble….tiling either up and down or sideways. It causes them to catch an edge instead of center with the needle.

    But oh….whatever the issue is…I”m so glad to hear that scan showed stable. You are a mircle, lady!!! HUGS!

    Julie T.


    Stable is good!!


    Love my “Stable” girl. Again, sure wish you could come out for a warm up!


    The nurse did put in the clot breaking med. And we still had a bit of a problem. But Tuesday was better. Not the best, but much better!
    As far as the ct scan… No measurable difference. So, the word is stable!! lol


    Kris….I know that there’s a difference between the wonky port I had and yours, that has worked fine for 4 years. Because of the weird positioning of my port, they tended to get an edge of it, and that’s when it wouldn’t work right….couldn’t do a blood draw…no blood return….no matter what they did. One time, they even tipped me so far back, I thought I would soon be standing on my head. Anyway, they finally had to resort to withdrawing the needle, having one nurse hold the port in a better position and then re puncturing, sometimes up to 5 times, to finally get decent access. Even though yours has been working fine all this time, maybe they just didn’t get the needle quite right that particular time…maybe a little too much to the edge of the port. Just another thought.


    Kris –
    If it’s any consolation I am gaining weight too……stress makes me eat….and boy you know how stressful things can be. I weigh more than Mark does now which is weird although we can still wear each other’s clothes when needed……it’s more funny when he wears my jeans to work.

    As for the port those things can give grief at times. I have had them where they access fine for months then one day it just doesn’t want to work. i usually have people re-position with the arm raised over the head or hung very low on your side. Next time it will probably work just fine. I would make sure they de-clot the line. They push in a small amount of a clot breaking medicine in the tubing, let it sit then draw it out. It usually has to be done periodically with most lines. Our bodies see the line as a foreign object so they try to isolate it from the body forming a fibrin sheath over it. The clot breaker can help get rid of that.

    Hopefully it was just on off day today.



    When they go to my port, I have to turn my head away from the port to get a better draw from the vein.

    Don’t know what your numbers are, but my WBC has been between 2.6 and 8.1 for the last 18 months and my RBC between 2.8 to 4.2.



    I had a ct scan today. Oh, the joy!
    I’ve been gaining weight: am now heavier than I’ve ever been. But I ignore that.
    I went today and wasn’t worried. Figured everything would be status quo. Then I saw my blood work. Now I have a niggling worry… Blood counts are low for the first time in over a year. So is calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. But the RBC and WBC is what concerns me. They aren’t too bad, but why now?
    Hopefully it’s just a bad day.

    Oh, and she couldn’t get a blood draw from my port. I had 5 or 6 saline and 1 heparin added trying to get some draw, but we finally had to resort to the special sauce (whatever that is) and she STILL had trouble! I walked, I jumped around, I did deep breaths: nothing helped!
    Anyone else have this problem? I’ve been doing this for 4 years and this is a first for me.

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