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    Thanks Ktoram,

    I am happy things went so smoothly for you and that you are doing well.

    My husband had an MRCP on Monday and we are waiting for the plan.  He had been radiated in that area 27 years ago for a different cancer, so things are very fragile and immobile in that area due to the radiation.  He had an ERCP last spring when we were trying to figure out what’s going on with his increased liver numbers and it was a tough  procedure.

    It’s good to hear positive feedback.  Hopefully we hear the plan soon.



    Hi Findacure,

    Placing stent through ERCP is a simple process. I had 5 of them this year before going for LT. The most difficult part was fever and infection. I ended up in ER several times with high fever. But I did it any way because it relieved me from symptoms. Know that it’s not going to fix the underlying tumor growth. The plastic stent needs to be replaced frequently.

    All the best. My motto – “fighting is fun, giving up is not”



    My husband is just over one year out from SBRT for a non-resectable CC tumor around his billiary tree/liver segment 5.  He’s been clear until his most recent PET last week.  His liver values are climbing quickly, bilirubin being one of them.  His last lab on Friday his bili was 5.1.  He’s showing the typical signs of bile duct stenosis/occlusion; jaundice, pale stools, fatigue, dark urine, itching…  He is scheduled for an MRCP on Tuesday.  I’m keeping a close eye on him in case we need to go into Brigham’s in Boston (where his team is) earlier than Tuesday.  I’m very much considering going in later today/early tomorrow, I’m uneasy waiting…  I don’t want him getting septic, he doesn’t need that!

    I’m curious if anyone has had the experience of getting a stent placed via ERCP?  I’m an operating room nurse and have seen similar procedures (not this particular one), but I’m in the caregiver/wife role now and it’s been difficult digesting the fact that his CC has returned (54yo).  I’m so worried about his prognosis now, stents are not without their own set of complications, and hoping they can do a stent then possibly get SBRT once again to halt tumor growth.

    Anyone’s experience would be helpful.  Thanks in advance, Christine


    Endoscopic Stenting in Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma: When, How, and How Much to Drain?


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