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    I have been on Gemzar in combination with Cisplatin and with Oxiliplatin and tolerated both pretty well. I was fatigued, a little nauseated and achy(flu like) for a couple days after infusion but I still was able to complete my normal routine after the second day. Congrats on successful surgery!


    Hi LornaDoone,

    I would also like to say congratulations on the successful surgery. My daughter, Lauren, was on many different chemos and Gem/Xeloda was one of them. She had been on Gem before in combination with other chemos and handled it well. She did get a little feverish and achy for a few days. The Xeloda was one of the toughest on her. It made her nauseous and her feet were very red and sore. We ordered special lotion for her from a company called Lindi and I massaged her feet a lot. Every chemo affects everyone differently. Kris didn’t have nausea from Xeloda. We also contacted Genentech and got a huge discount on the prescription. It is well worth it to check out the website. I wish you and your boyfriend all the best.



    Firstly, congratulations on his successful surgery!
    I was on Xeloda for a few rounds. Xeloda is a less harsh chemo than some of the others.
    As for side effects… They should have told you to go buy GOOD lotion. I bought Eucerine. The lotion should contain Urea. Yes, you read that right. Make sure the lotion is liberally administered to hands and feet nightly before side effects can begin, as they can get painful. I bought special socks that hold the lotion so the feet get more treatment. The possible side effects are peeling, burning of hands and feet. And possible sores in the mouth. You can get a rinse for that, too. I don’t remember any eating or nausea side effects. But if you search for Xeloda you might find more info.

    Also, if you contact the company Genentech, they will send you a care package. And, depending on your insurance, they might be able to help defray some of the costs. For this, I believe there is a cap for income, but I don’t remember what it is. I know that I fell WAY short of the cap.

    Good luck, and keep us informed. And, again, congratulations! You are at a great hospital, too. Who his his onc?


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    Like many of you, i have been lurking around this site trying to gather as much information and knowledge on this horrible disease. In January, my 53 year old boyfriend was  diagnosed with intra hepatic CC. He was experiencing pain on the right side of his abdomen and also had night sweats. Doctor brushed it off but my boyfriend who is very aware of his body just knew something was wrong and insisted on a scan. Thank God he did.
    On january 23rd Dr. DeMatteo performed surgery at Sloan in NY and removed a 6.8 cm tumor. The surgery was a success and the doctor said he was able to remove a large enough margin. He recently had his 6 week scan which showed no cancer as well as blood work and tumor markers were all good. The oncologist and surgeon are still recommending chemo due to the high recurrence of this cancer as well as the fact that 1 lymph node had mets. He starts chemo on Monday which is Gem for 3 weeks on and 1 week off for 6 months as well as Capcitabine (xeloda) 2 times a day one week on and one week off. Do any of you have any experience or knowledge with this combo of chemo as far as success or side effects? I look forward to hearing from you. God bless you all!

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