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    aimini…..perhaps you can request your Dad’s medical records and make contact with Mass. General.

    Appointments at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Minnesota
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    You may make an appointment at Mayo Clinic in several ways:

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    Dear Aiminy, welcome to our remarkable family and the best place to be for CC support. There are some fine Doctors in China but you really don’t want to hear that they are giving up without telling you why. My husband was 73 when DX and he not only had an aborted Whipped but 3 weeks later he had the real deal. I would ask why they are not considering treatment, you have a right to know.
    As for the Boston area both Mass. General and Dana Farber have treated CC and we have some members who have gone there. If you use our search button above and type in either hospital posts will appear from members who were treated there.
    Below is a site you may find helpful and please do keep us posted on your Father’s progress as we are a curious and caring family.



    My dad is 74 years old. He was diagnosed with bile duct cancer by the doctors in China. The doctors in China told us my dad’s cancer was inoperable, and my dad was too weak to be suitable for chemo, radiation. The doctors just put a stent in the blocked ducts of my dad. Then my dad went to look for traditional Chinese medical treatment. Now he is taking some Chinese herb medicine. I am worrying about if his doctors in China are experienced enough on treating my dad’s bile duct cancer. Since I am living in Boston, so I want to bring my dad to Boston to look for better treatment. Does anyone has some suggestions on better and experienced oncologist for this type cancer treatment in Boston area?

    I know there are some breakthroughs on using cancer immunotherapyfor treating bile duct cancer recently. Considering my dad’s age, Maybe immunotherapy is more suitable for him. Does anyone has some suggestions on this too?

    Thank you very much,

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