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    Beans? Sounds like some lobster is in order….



    My dearest Jeff…..You make anyone proud of being your friend…and you are so very right…..your dinner has my full approval.


    Darn those home repairs! You know you are in my thoughts young man (make-up for old coot)! I can get really nasty so tell those docs to do their job and do it well!


    Good Luck Jeff. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. Darla


    Good luck, Jeff, and here’s hoping that you give all those nasty critters and their cousins a good zing and zap with not too much down time for you. Best to you, Belle


    Start external rad to spine and area around esophgus Wednesday. Also will be have brachatherapy (tube and beads down the throat in to esophagus) with a little dab of 5-fu.
    Danger to spine area, got to be some really close calculations or walking difficulty could happen. Beads to help with swallowing and to stop the chocking feeling. Supper is ready, got to run. Hopefully this will cut way back on pain. Also will talk with Onco again Thursday about when we are going to drain the fluid from right side lung cavity, as scan has showed increase. Maybe if I slow down withthe laundry room construction, I wouldn’t be aggravating things so much. A man has got to play with his toys. Tried out my air nailer for trim around doors yesterday suu-boom. Sure goes fast and don’t have to worry about predrilling to prevent splitting of trim. Cheerio. Had my favorite tonight Marion, Beans high fiber and protein right?

    God Bless,
    Jeff G.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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