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    My mother also has a swollen leg from a blood clot that she got over 3 weeks ago (or is it a month?). She was told to elevate her leg but not like on the couch but rather to get her leg above her chest level for 30 minutes 2 x a day. I also researched that tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory but yeah, we are also struggling with this side effect because it is really limiting her mobility and she is also only on her second round of chemo. She has an appointment on Thursday to see a cardiovascular surgeon to discuss symptom management.

    Good luck to your mom and please let me know if you hear of any new ideas to try.




    For my husband his doctor put him on a water pill, compression stockings and I gave him daily foot massages starting at his toes and gently compressing and forcing the fluid up past his calves. I know it gave him relief from the pain caused by the swelling. And he kept his feet elevated a lot of the time as well. If possible, walking will also relieve some of the pressure.

    I’m sure your mom’s doctors are aware of her feet swelling, but if not, make sure you let them know.



    My mother’s left foot got really swollen, it was a backing up of fluids by the portal vein. Best thing we did was keep that foot elevate and rubbed her feet! She loved it and I believe it did make her feel better.

    Stay in touch.


    Amy…I have been told that resting in a reclined position, with elevated feet helps reduce the pressure on the internal organs. This in turn will improve blood flow to the lower extremeties.
    Paracentesis temporarily reduces the symptoms of excessive fluid build up in the abdomen. Unfortunately, as in your Mom’s case, often times the procedure will have to be repeated, as the fluid has a tendency to return.
    Although, we don’t see it often on this site, insertion of a catheter that drains the ascities continuously may be of benefit. This of course raises the risk of infection therefore, only the physician will be able to advise.
    Hang in there. You are a wonderful daughter.


    Hi Amy,

    My daughter, Lauren gets swollen feet sometimes. It is usually after going out to dinner or if she sits in a regular chair for a long time like at a party. I always have her drink a lot of water, put her feet up and rest. This usually does the trick. It has only happened a few times and I immediately got scared and asked if her stomach felt swollen. It did not, so it was probably from sitting and food that was too salty. I am sure someone will be able to answer your question. It seems like you are doing everything possible to help your Mom. I hope you find the magic cure.

    Love, -Pam


    So like many of you my mom has been through the ringer lately:( She actually has gallbladder cancer, but its very similar to bile duct, same stent issues. (she’s had 4 replacements of her stent, now has 3 metal ones placed that are doing well so far)

    Her biggest issue now is her swollen feet! She does have bad Ascities and gets her belly drained weekly for this, always feels great right after for about 4-5 days. Her feet, however never subside from the swelling and now she has had two episodes where she has fallen and literally can not get up because her feet drag her down like elephant feet! Ive looked all over the internet and keep coming across lymphedema. Not sure if this is what it is, but there is no treatment options!
    She keeps her feet up all day, tried lasix, compression socks etc. Nothing helps/Anyone deal with this? Will it ever go away or is this her life now?
    She JUST started chemo last week, is on round two today. This issue was happening well before chemo started.
    Thank you!!!!! You guys are by far the most knowledgeable group of people out there!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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