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    I think all of us in this foundation/community need to join forces with PL+US to advocate for increased job protection for patients and caregivers of Cholangio because it is about providing access to CARE or CAREGIVERS to cancer patients during their life threating moments….We all know 12 weeks or 60 days is not enough especially when undergoing clinical trials…so what comes first the chicken or the egg? they need more people for clinical trials but there are no resources or protections for patients to ACCESS these life saving opportunities….

    http://www.paidleave.us they are responsible for advocating for Wal-Mart and Starbucks workers.


    Thanks for sharing Karen! This is important information as most people may have a full time job in which financially they cannot sacrifice if taking care of a family member with cancer. It is important to have options of reducing hours, taking time off as needed, and a leave of absence (although not paid, at least guaranteed employment upon return). If possible, depending on job duties, companies can offer telecommuting, although I don’t see that as an option. Also, jobs should have the option of changing a position from full time to part time without the employee being risked of losing job.

    There seem to be companies who are still rigid in that the position is only full time or don’t offer telecommute. Basically if you want to go full time to part time, you will lose the job.


    FMLA is a federal law put in place to allow for covered patients and certain family members/caregivers to take job protected unpaid leave from work.

    The leave is generally 12 weeks, or 26 weeks for family of a service-member.

    Knowing about this law is important for individuals/families who are dealing with a serious illness.

    Informational step by step guide to FMLA, how it works, how to request leave, and so forth.



    Information on workplace rights


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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