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    I’m sorry your daughter is sick and my prayers are with you. She is young and able to fight and needs your strength too.
    It is very hard to watch Dad get weaker and sicker every day and know that there is nothing I can do to ease that pain.
    I was always the one who knew when he was not well. 11 years ago I made him go for an Ultrasound when he twin was diagnosed with right kidney CA. Sure enough, he whole right kidney was encased and the CA was totally removed.
    I kept asking him this time to go to another GI Dr because he kept kind of clearing his throat and on Father’s Day this year I really did not like his coloring. He looked kind of yellow and he told me he was in the sun and that was his “Irish tan”. He always makes jokes of things.
    I keep wondering if I had made the appt for him somewhere else if it would have been caught earlier and he could have had the resection and not this sick.
    He always told everyone that I was his “Dr” and that I saved his life. I wish I could save it again and again and again


    Dear genindle and kmemoro,
    I am sorry to hear about both of your Dads. It must be so hard to see the person who protected you and made you feel safe get sick. I am a Mom who’s daughter has this terrible disease. It is very hard for me too. I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with both of you. God bless your sweet fathers.



    Hello genindle and welcome to our site. I am sorry to hear that your Dad has such advanced disease. You must feel good though, knowing that he is tended to by Hospice in such a caring and wonderful way. What a precious time this is for you and your family. The love you have for your Dad must make him feel at ease.
    My heart is with you


    so sorry about your Dad. My Dad was diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer on July 12th and he has had some treatment and now is having so much trouble with his counts he cant continue. I wish we knew how long he has.
    Tell him how much you Love him and anything you ever wanted to say. Remind him of some of the great times you had together and maybe remind him of something he once said to you that didnt seem like a big deal at the time but always put a smile on your face.
    I reminded my Dad of the time he told me of the time he came home from the National Guard’s training and my Mom was pregnant with me. He said she had on a Powder Blue pleated top and a navy maternity skirt and he said when he saw her walking down the block that “she was the most beautiful woman in the world”. Years later I bought a similar outfit when I was pregant with my 3rd child and did my hair a little like she wore it then and he told me I looked just like my mother. I never felt closer to my Dad and I remind him of that story often as we lost Mom almost 5 years ago quit suddenly


    My father has been ill for several months. He has had numerous CT scans and MRIs for other health problems but cancer did not show itself until this week. He was admitted to the hospital with jaundice last Friday. Today, one week later, he was admitted to hospice and has maybe three weeks. He is 79. We have had wonderful doctors and the Hospice Home is so comforting and supportive.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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