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    Hi Walk,

    You are correct in that high ammonia levels can cause this. One other thing in elderly patients is a bladder infection and/or dehydration.

    My Mom had some of the same symptoms and we all were convivnced that the whole family at times were suffering from “chemo brain”.

    Towards the very end of her disease, I think we were dealing with some brain metastasis.

    You pass through my mind quite often and I wonder how things are going. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Many hugs and much love,


    In addition to having provided care for my dad who passed away from cc, I also care for mom who suffers from dementia. With that said


    Gavin, Devon, Tess —

    Thanks for the kind words. I have researched the ammonia thing and that sounds possible. Gavin, sounds like it could be worth looking into for your dad too. One of the symptoms is getting days and nights mixed up. I am going to get his ammonia checked this week; the condition is called hepatic encephalopathy and it is reversable, but can be fatal left untreated.

    He is 87 yo, so some forgetfulness isn’t out of the ordinary, but it seems to be increasing.



    Hi Walk,

    I’m sorry to hear that your dad is going through a tough time just now. My dad doesn’t suffer from dementia, but he gets tired real easy now and also gets very forgetful these days. Yesterday for example, my dad went back to bed in the morning, afternoon and then again in the evening. This doesnt happen every day though, but most days he will go back to bed at least once. He gets forgetful a lot when he is talking about things and trying to remember events from the past, who he’s spoke to and what they said etc. The only pain meds my dad takes right now are codeine based and he only takes them when needed so I dont think they they are the cause of this.

    I hope you manage to get this checked out.

    Best wishes



    some people on here experienced confusion from high ammonia levels. You might want to have that checked.

    I cant imagine how difficult it must be to have this on top of everything else.



    Hey, I was just thinking about you and wondering how your Dad is doing. Sorry to read that he’s having a rough time right now. My Dad didn’t suffer from dementia, but within a couple months of the cc diagnosis, I noticed that he’d definitely have moments of confusion- I thought it was the pain meds- they seemed to go hand in hand in hand with those moments, which were not regular and did not progress significantly at all through his battle. The fatigue was always there for Dad, but chemo was likely a large contributor to that.

    You guys are in my thoughts.



    My father’s physical condition has deteriorated somewhat. He has trouble getting around and tires easily. I have expected this as part of his decline. What is of other concern is that he is suffering from dementia (for lack of a better term). He seems to be confused quite often about rather simple things. Is this also part of the process? He is not on any medication that should be causing this.

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