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    Hi Charlene, It is so nice to have people who understand how difficult it is living under the cloud of cc? I think that people figure that just because you are no longer receiving chemo/radiation that you should be fine and able to do “anything” even my own family. Maybe it is their way of coping or dealing with the fear..I lost some dear friends after my diagnosis. I realize that it is frightening to think about ones own mortality but geez why run away when we need our friends the most.? It is not only physically draining but the emotional toll is exhausting… I have never been good at asking for help …I am better at giving than taking. I will have to learn to ask. Today I feel good and I will take advantage of that and enjoy the sunny though chilly day…then go to bed as soon as my kids do! :) Hugs and prayers to everyone! Deb


    My husband has had cc since 2005. He is on chemo and like you has extreme fatigue. It’s not only during treatment but during the times between treatments.

    I am absolutely amazed you are able to do anything BUT sleep. Have you had your Dr. check for anemia? Chemo destroys the red blood cells also.

    Do you have anyone who can come in and give you a hand every now and again so you can just sleep? I don’t know where you live but try contacting the hospital in your area and see if they have any volunteers willing to come to your house and help out.
    Also I would suggest contacting the Cancer Society in your are to find help.

    My prayers are with you. I hope you find help soon.

    God Bless you and God heal us all,


    thank you carol for the encouraging words…wish I could nap when I want except I am still a mom who needs eyes on the back of her head…I have adopted 2 spec.needs children who are now teens and 10 y/o son. Never a dull moment around here..just exhausting ones :) I am 14 mos out from diagnosis but drs feel that I had undiagnosed cc for at least 5 yrs. I hope your husband feels better…he is in my prayers. lets all get a good nights rest. sweet dreams to all deb


    Hi Deb, Charlie has been battling cc for almost a year now and has had many procedures. He is fatigued a lot. He naps when he needs to. He doesn’t have the energy he had before cc and may never have it again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If it gets worse and you’re still worried, talk to your doctor or nurse about it. Maybe they can give you some pointers or set your mind at ease. Take care.



    I am a little nervous because my on going fatigue has increased quite a bit over the last few weeks. Lately it is hard just to stay awake during the day never mind getting anything done. Maybe its the rainy weather ….but it does make me a little nervous because before they diagnosed me with cc I felt pretty much the same. Maybe I am paranoid and think too much about the possibility of it being back… Anyone else have this type of fatigue…I am not on chemo anymore,,,so can’t blame that . thanks deb

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