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    Dear Arlyn,

    I am so very sorry indeed to hear of the passing of your dear father. Please accept my sincere condolences. Having also lost my dad to this cancer I so know the pain and loss that you feel right now and wish that there was something that I could say that would help right now. Like Mary, I too hope that someone will take you up on your most generous offer of donation of these items and I thank you for this as well. Please know that we are all here for you and my thoughts are with you and your family right now.




    I am so very sorry to learn this sad news about your father, after his brave battle.  Please accept my condolences and prayers.

    Your family’s donation of his unneeded supplies is very thoughtful and will be a godsend for another patient.

    I hope you will stay connected to our community.  Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Regards, Mary


    Hello everyone, it is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of my father on September 1st.  He battled 5 long months after his CC diagnosis in March of this year.  I feel that I took more from these discussion boards rather than contributed.  I am trying to find ways to give back to the CC community.

    My mother and I are starting by donating his feeding tube supplies to anyone who needs it.  (We have also listed the items on the Oley Foundation website). My brother and mother are in the San Francisco Bay area–you can pick up or meet up.  I also live in Los Angeles and make frequent back and forth trips so I can deliver in the LA region as well.  If you would like us to ship to you, we just ask that you please pay shipping/handling.

    1. Coviden Kangaroo Epump machine with IV pole

    2.  Medline 60 mL Flat Top Feeding syringe with thumb ring, luer tip adapter, pole bag, Quantity #17

    3. Coviden Kangaroo Epump set with flush bag, anti free flow, 1000 mL, Expires 5/31/21 Quantity #20

    4. Coviden Monoject enteral syringe 60 mL for use with EnFit connection system. Expires 5/31/21 Quanitity #27

    5. BD 60 mL syringe catheter tip. Expires 4/30/23 Quantity #15

    6. Nutren 1.5 enteric feeding formula 250 mL.  use by 8/19/2019 Quantity #192

    7. Peptamen 1.5 enteric feeding formula 250 mL. Use by 4/2019 & 6/2019#252

    We also have wound care supplies (Mepilex, barrier creams/lotions, and cleansing foams).

    I am hoping for takers as I would hate for all of this to go to waste.  I pray that everyone is doing as well as they can and that there will soon be a cure.


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