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    Praying for it to be nothing to worry about…! -Matt


    Porter…I sent you an email with my phone number if you want to call and talk. Julie T.


    Not jumping the gun is definitely easier said than done, but know that there are many people sending positive thoughts, energy and prayer to you. I think all of us have been there…over one hurdle and faced with another. I try to focus on what I can control, and that is getting the very most out of each day. Yup, I have bad days where I get discouraged. Both my husband and I tend to perseverate on the what ifs. when that happens, I usually binge watch mindless Netflix shows, just to get through that day and on to a better day tomorrow. LOL, works for me. John works in the yard to keep his mind occupied. Lainy’s sharing of Teddy’s thought, “Now we know what’s wrong, let’s fix it” is a perfect attitude to have.
    You are not alone, Porter. The folks on this discussion board have been very comforting to me over the months. Hopefully you will find the messages not only supportive, but comforting.
    Let tomorrow go, enjoy the present and move toward a new day…
    Melinda A


    Porter –

    If you can, banish the fear and the feeling of being alone. We are here for you and you have your faith to sustain you. As for fear, you’ve faced worse and come through it. You’ll come through this, too. Your team will be working to get you whatever treatment might be necessary, so let them do their job. Your contribution as part of the team is to stay strong and fight this, mentally and physically.



    My Dear Porter, I am so sorry to read this and my heart hurts for you, BUT perhaps the team will come up with another better treatment or at best it still is not CC. Teddy always said, “Now we know what’s wrong let’s fix it”. I will have everything I have crossed for good news and sending much love and strength to you!


    Dear Porter,

    Hoping that you will find out that it is nothing to be too concerned about, but I do understand your feeling as you do. Know that we are all here with fingers crossed hoping for the best. Keep us posted as to what is going on. and know that I am thinking of you. Wishing you lots of luck & love.



    Hi all. it’s been a while. Well, I just had a follow up 3 month scan and again the same spots are showing up, but apparently one has changed its characteristics so my oncologist literally has said …she doesn’t know what’s going on. They have been saying scar tissue since these spots have shown up in June, and have assured me that nothing has been worrisome….until now. Which i find frustrating because since these first popped up, I have asked well are you sure this is scar tissue, what if it’s not!? I started crying in the office and she told me not to jump the gun and worry too much yet (so much easier said than done). She said it could absolutely be nothing, but could be something. This spot has not changed in size and what they are looking at is about 9mm, so I take that as something positive. All blood work looks great and wnl, but I am going to be devastated if this has returned. I think the hardest part is being in limbo and not knowing what is going on. She is taking it to the multidisciplinary team on Tuesday and I will be expecting a call that day to see what if anything happens next. Trying to stay positive and holding on hope and faith to get me through. This is not the news I wanted right before the holiday and I am trying not to get too ahead of myself because we don’t know what we are dealing with yet, but of course my mind leads to the worst case scenario. Just feeling scared, upset, and sad an no one local who I can really talk to and understands what its like to go through this.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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