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    Hi Jeff, I think you were right with the lung infection. Peter started coughing a lot, together with the high fever. The antibiotics brought the fever down and the cough allmost disappeared. This morning he suddenly passed out in the bathroom and I brought him to the hospital. Bloodsamples were taken and the values concerning the liver were better than last month (due to the strict diet allready?). The doctor now also thinks it’s a lung infection. At the end of the morning I could take him home again, but he will be closely monitored this week and probably new lung photo’s will be made. Anyway, his spirit is unbroken and he talks about going to work on Monday. We’ll see who where the trousers here :)
    (I know he will). Thanks for your suggestion, it helped giving a clear picture this morning in the hospital, which is fortunately a five minute walk from our house.
    Regards and all the best, Iris.


    Hi everyone, thank you all for your support. I had a very low day yesterday and it really helps to share. Peter’s temperature is allready dropping after the two antibiotic pills he took and the specialist called early this morning. We are going to see him next wednesday. He has hospital duty this weekend and told us we can come immediately when it is necessary. A safe feeling. I will post again after wednesday.
    Thanks for being my “brothers and sisters” and I wish you all well.


    The last time she went in the hospital, my mother had fever very bad and the night sweats and I felt so badly for her because she just looked so uncomfortable and I was afraid we would lose her that night but it broke and she was much better and I honestly believe that the fever and sweating help her, that she is sweating out toxins, I even suggested to her to visualize it in that way, that everything bad is leaving her body (she rolled her eyes so I knew she was getting better). My sister who is a nurse said that the cancer may be causing the fever or it may be her body’s response to try and do something, anything. The last 2 days she is worse and no fever and I am more worried without the fever because maybe it means her body can’t get up enough ire to try and fight this anymore.



    Iris, last week they put my dad in the hospital fo the fever. They started the blood culture test. They gave him ibuprofen for the fever and the fever went down. The oncologists and the infectious disease dr at the hospital told my dad that the fever he was having was due to the tumor. The infectious disease dr says that this type of cancer causes fever. They said that when ibuprofen is given and the fever goes down then the tumor is creating the fever. Dad’s blood culture was clear so it is the tumor in his case.


    Hi Iris,

    Something came to mind, I was having problems with infection/fevers and each time it was found to be a touch of pnuenomia caused by fluid retention around my lungs. Still have some fluid retention problems because of chemo, but seems to be clearing. I was put on furosimide/lasix to help pass the fluid through my kidneys. I take furosimide twice daily now instead of once and they added one potassium tablet a day to assit with clearing the fluid. It really seems to be working quiet well as the urine is flowing. Of coarse I’m drinking alot as well due to chemo. And talking about diet, I couldn’t believe the amount of sodium in packaged foods. That came to a stop. It reminder me of my military training days where we were given sodium tablets to retain water to prevent dehydration on the drill fields. I actully got pnuemonia from retaining to much water and had to be hospitalized for a week. Just something to ponder. possible bouts of walking pnuemonia I call it.


    We all are here for each other please, feel free and share your feelings. Seeing the specialist might give you some more answers, tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Sending good wishes your way,


    Hi Marion,
    After the broken off surgery in May 2007 Peter got a metal stent. Later, in September, a second one. The specialist told us that chemo doesnot help in this type of cancer. Peter was offered one, but since it would deteriorate his quality of life and offered in the best case “may be a little help to fight metastasis”, Peter refused chemo.
    These fever attacks appear about every 1,5 – 2 months. It seems to have to do with bacteria-growth in the bile fluids and an antibiotics cure of a week up till now solves the problem.
    In the mean time, blood values keep going up a little with every 1-monthly controll and last month we heard there are little spots on the lungs.
    Peter keeps doing and living as he allways did: working, doing sports and looks as if nothing is wrong. And then suddenly there is an attack like this.
    As I understand you went through this process as a wife, you can understand how worried I am. I so much hope to keep my wonderful husband a while longer, but when these attacks come I am scared to death. Especially since he now says he has a slight but constant pain on the right side of his body.
    Tomorrow we will have a talk with the specialist and we will see what comes out of this.
    Thanks for reacting. Since Peter doesnot like to talk about his illness too much (he feels it is dragging him into a downward spiral), I sometimes feel so alone in my fears. And then this forum and your reactions is a huge comfort.


    Hi Iris, I’m glad to see you on this site as well. My sister also has these fever bouts which the drs. say are infection related. She takes tylenol to lower the fever and stop the shakes and the antibiotics which we hope will help as well. All this was done through the palliative care drs. as she will not be hospitalized again. Hope this helps some and I’m thinking of you, Belle.


    tried to see in your previous postings whether you have mentioned anything in re: to stents. Does Peter have stents for the purpose of draining the bile? Also, is he taken any chemo drugs?


    Iris… my Oncologist recommends Ibprofen first every 4-6 hours and if fever don’t go down/ control or break with 24 hours or if it spikes upward seek out doctor for cause and anti-biotics may have to be changed to a broader spectrum/ stronger if he becomes immuned to one kind. cool bath may help initially, but if your pretty sure it’s infection don’t wait.

    Bless ya!
    jeff G.


    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to share my concern about Peter. I have posted his story before. He seems to be doing so well, that after a couple of weeks you tend to forget how ill he is. And then suddenly, there is a fever attack.
    This happens about every 1,5-2 months. He then takes antibiotics and after 2-3 days everything seems normal again.
    Last week we went for a short 4 day holiday to one of our Dutch islands. Beautiful weather, completely relaxed days and we came back tanned and with the idea we can conquer the world.
    Last night Peter said he had a little pain on his right side and suddenly this morning the body temperature was 39.2 C.

    I read on this forum very little about these fever attacks. Up till now the antibiotics help, but there comes a day that he had one cure too many and it won’t help anymore.

    Anyone any experience on this? Most of the days since we heard about Peters illness are very happy. I love and respect that fighter of mine. But there are days I’m so scared.
    Sorry guys, I just needed to clean my chest a little.

    Love and all the best for all of you,

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