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    Becky, I am sorry I have not been able to be there for you. I did find this article very helpful.


    however, when it came down to it, my mom did not pass like this. It was completely unexpected.

    Know that I have been thinking of you all day. Today has been the first day I have actually had to myself to just be and grieve…but you have been on my mind all day. I don’t want anyone to have this pit in their stomach.

    hugs to you,


    Dear Becky,

    Sending TONS of love your way.

    My mother is in this stage as well. My mother is 90 pounds or less, and is eating less and less every day. We have round the clock care, as she refuses hospice. She is taking percocets, dialuadid, and xanax every 4 hours. She is spending more and more time in bed, and is growing weaker by the day. We are hoping she makes it to Thanksgiving. Just praying she will make it. Everyone is stressed out, worried, anxious, and angry. Just trying to take it day to day. I try to call a couple of times a day…..which I know is driving her crazy. Please stay in touch and know I am thinking of you.
    Roni dinkes


    Dear Becky,

    You and your mom have been in my heart and mind, and continue to be. You are an extraordinary and loving daughter.

    Thinking of you with love,


    Becky I am praying extra strong today for you and your family and most of all your mother. This is such a difficult time, I’m sorry that this is happening.

    God Bless you, your family and your mother…



    You all have made me smile. Mom is still with us, but the nurses feel she will pass today sometime. Her heart is IS strong, though, and she’s such a fighter. Whatever happens, will happen. More than one day at a time, one hour at a time. Thank you all for caring.


    Dear Becky,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this sad time.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dear Becky,
    I am so sorry for you, your sister and your dear Mom. I am praying for God to give you strength and for your Mom to find peace. No more pain or suffering. Just blissful peace. Please know that I care. Bless you all.

    Love, -Pam


    Becky, you have done everything so right and your Mom is lucky to have had you by her side for this terrible journey and now as she prepares to go to her Peace. She will always be with you in your heart and mind as Mothers never really leave their children. Prayers and love being sent to you and your family.


    Becky, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mom. Stay strong.


    Becky….this is about love; the love we have for each other and the love that surrounds us forever. Love and peace, the most important gift of all.
    Hugs and more love,


    Thank you all for your support. I read and and every response. My mom is currently in the process of passing over. She became very confused and disoriented this morning. We called the hospice nurse, and she said she was declining fast. My sister and I are by her side, and she has a nurse here 24/7. She is non responsive, and her BP is 84/55. We have told her it’s time, and that we are ok. She said she was ready to go, over and over. We are still by her side. I love my mom so much.


    Dear Becky,

    I am sorry to hear about your mum and what you are going through right now. I went through the same with my dad and I know how you feel right now. I wrote a bit about my dads last few days and weeks when he was in hospice care and you can read this here if you want to –


    I hope some of that is helpful for you. And please remember that we are all here for you. We know what you are going through right now and we care.

    Best wishes,




    Your Mom has raised an amazing daughter. You will find a deep strength in yourself for these coming, precious days. We are all here for you.

    My Mom spoke to people that had passed. One of her dearest friends died about 2 months before my Mom. She told me of several conversations she had had with “Boots” (her friend’s nickname). When I gently tried to tell her that Boots had passed, she looked at me as if I had lost my mind and said of course she knew that! Boots was in heaven and was coming to meet Mom so she could show her all of the wonderful things there. One of my dearest memories is sitting with Mom and having her suddenly laugh, look past my shoulder and tell her friend Boots, that she was hurrying as fast as she could and to quit rushing her.

    I’m sending hugs and prayers…



    I just read your posts from the last few days. I am so sorry your father had to pass, but WOW, how peaceful it seems.
    My mother is following what you all say almost as if it were a checklist. I’m happy to have met you all.


    Thank you Lainy and Jen. Funny, Mom told me just this morning that she is seeing people who have passed away before her in her dreams. Being her daughter, I just “know” that the time is near. When I think about the difference between this week, and even last week, it’s amazing how fast this is going. She told me she is ready, and has even mentioned trying to .. make it go faster. I know it’s a taboo subject, but I just had to mention it.

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