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    Dear Clare,

    I am so sorry for all your family has been through. It is so true that we all find such strength when we have to and never imagine we can be so strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you go through this difficult time.




    I am so sorry to hear of all that you and your family are going through right now. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Love & Hugs


    Dear Clare, I am so sorry for all your family has been going through. Many times the inner strength that comes through from others is an extraordinary surprise. I sure hope things are over the hump now and everyone starts healing and you catch a break! Oh No! Break was the wrong word to use but you know what I mean! I am sending best wishes and thoughts your way for your whole family!


    Thank you everyone. Our Dad also had a stroke on Wednesday but thankfully, he’s just been left with a bit of weakness in his hand and foot. I’ll take that as it could have been much worse. Now we just need to get mum out of plaster and off her crutches.


    Hi Clare,

    I’m sorry to hear about your sisters mother in law. My thoughts are with you all right now. She sure has had so much to deal with these last few years hasn’t she. And yes, you are so right in what you say about finding the strength during these very tough times.




    Thank you for posting this, Clare. My heart goes out to your sister and her husband’s family as well as to you and yours.

    Love to you all.




    God bless your sister and her husband. To be with someone dear to you when they leave this earth is truly an amazing experience. It is the most difficult yet beautiful time. I wish them peace and comfort in the upcoming months.

    Peace & Hugs,


    I wasn’t sure what group to post on so I am putting it here. I had it on the general forum but it felt wrong.

    My sister, with her husband, has spent the last week nursing her mother in law at home. She died this morning at home after being told 4 weeks ago she had extensive secondary’s in her liver from bowel cancer. In March last year, we were with our other sister when she died from CC. That was my sisters first experience of dying, today was her second. I am so incredibly proud of what she has done in the last four weeks and especially the last 48 hours as she held the hands of her husband and mother in law to take them through this.

    My intent is not to upset anyone but to give hope to those that are in that dark, frightening place and questioning how you find the strength to get through. Somehow – you will. Somehow, you just do. From somewhere, you find the strength and reserve to do things you never thought you could.

    To my sister for her amazing courage and for Alice, her spirited mother in law, be at peace now.

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