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    I’m so happy to hear that your moms chemo is working. Stay positive and looking forward to meet your mom one day. I need chemo buddy:-)


    Kristina-Welcome and sorry you had to find us. I am a CC survivor do to a liver transplant trial. I was diagnosed and saved at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis MO. (almost your back yard!!) by Dr. William Chapman. Please read my story on my FB page (Catherine Sims Dunnagan), it is full of HOPE.
    The fact you wonder or ask about a second opinion or other options is a sign you should. Time is not our friend with CC so I would not worry about researching more options right away.I have always felt that second opinions only validate what you are doing or open new options, you can’t lose. I know that Dr. Chapman will take your call and are very patient friendly because they are very passionate about CC.
    Please contact me if there is any info or help I can give you. I am proof there is HOPE.
    Lots of prayers-Cathy


    That is great news, Kristina. Shrinkage is a wonderful thing around here. I am not a doctor, but I am guessing the doctor wants to wait 6 months to get as much out of the chemo as he can so that the tumor is smaller and he can get clean margins so the cancer can’t come back. That was really nice of you to think of everyone with CC while on your pilgrimage. I wish all the best for your Mom. She is my age. My daughter, Lauren, is the one with CC. Take care and God bless.



    Dear Kristina, YEA!!!! You know we love the word ‘shrinkage’. I know it is hard but please try to take each day at a time. As for a 2nd opinion that is your perrogative and we certainly recommend it if you feel at all not right about anything. Listen to your gut, it will not fail you. HOLY HILL? Memories, as I am from Milwaukee.


    Hi all! We received the first scan results for my mom (age 54) this past weekend- 30% shrinkage!!! and no additional mets anywhere (when she was diagnosed it was scattered across the surface of her liver, but they could not see it on a CT, so not sure if that is still there now).

    I am grateful to God for the reduction in her tumor and she is handling the folfirinox pretty well. I guess I know that things can go south at any moment, so while I am trying to enjoy the good news…. I am already worrying about what looms ahead. The onc said he would not consider looking for a surgical opinion until 6 months of chemo show similar results. I understand his opinion, but has anyone else been in this situation? Should I be looking for another surgical opinion on my own? I am her oldest daughter and a lot of the research/info has been my responsibility- just wanted to see what someone over here thinks.

    p/s We were able to take a short pilgramage to Holy Hill in Wisconsin…. and prayers were said for all the people I have read about here and their families…. I think of you often.

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