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    I am so happy for you. Best of luck with the surgery.



    Thanks Beth! I appreciate the advice.

    As an update, I had new scans in late November. They showed continued progress! I’ve done a fourth cycle of the same regimen and will get the first dose of the fifth cycle tomorrow. After that, they’re going to cut of the chemo for six weeks prior to surgery.

    The surgery will be a tough one. They plan to take up to the maximum of 75% of my liver AND do the whipple. I have a huge list of questions for the surgeon before I sign up to this, but he thinks that it is the way to go if I want to have a chance at long term survival. After the surgery, I understand that they want to keep me at the National Institutes for Health for a full month to make sure that I recover smoothly and that my liver regenerates correctly.

    This is a lot to look forward to in 2010. Happy New Year to everyone!



    Good for you. I am glad you got some good news. Who would have thought we’d be so happy to hear we should get more chemotherapy? Who would have theought we’d want it?!? It is strange how life changes. About your surgery, if you are thinking whipple, I have read the best thing you can do, to make sure your surgery statistics are good, is to go to a hospital that does a high volume of them. (A surgeon who does one a week or more)
    I have no idea what you have locally but places who have a pancreatic cancer program are places that do many whipples. – just a thought since you were kind enough to share..I thought I would too. keep up the good work!
    Beth O


    I am so happy!!!!!! Happy Halloween to you and your family!!!!


    Wonderful news! And very inspiring!

    Isn’t it great to get good news finally. My mom recently had her first good CT scan and it was elating to us all.

    My best wishes to you in continued success in your battle.


    Zach, Fabulous news!!!



    Z…We are hoping you are just fine for Halloween. We are going to my daughter as she goes all out for Halloween, her favorite holiday. Decorates the WHOLE house inside and out. Howling witches from the windows fun all around. We are not participating this year, will just sit and watch all the kiddies come over for treats. I know! You can go as Zorro who has just come home from another adventure and you need to rest before starting out on your next journey!


    I love this board!!! There is so much support here, whether I have good news or bad. I just wanted to stop by to say thanks to you all.

    I’m really feeling the Zorro thing. Carving a Z in the disease is a cool image. My surgeon says that he’s had people ask him to write all kinds of things on their livers during surgery. I told him that I just want a chunk of tumor to stomp on. He actually agreed! It will be a fun day once these wretched things come out of my body.

    I’m just hoping that I’ll have the stamina on Halloween to participate. I’ve got a chemo treatment on the day before, so I’ll probably be pretty wiped out on Halloween….

    One day at a time.

    -Z (Zach)


    Wow, Zack – that’s FABULOUS news!! My sis is due to start Gem/Cis next week & your news has absolutely made my day!!

    See – your flashing sword has carved another flaming “Z” through this wretched disease :D


    Z….I also would like to chime in and am sending my big “thumbs up”.
    I am wishing for continued success coming your way,


    Superb news indeed Zupton!! Here’s hoping for more of the same for you! My dads due to meet his onc on Monday for the first time and I’m sure that this is the chemo regime that was mentiond previously for him.

    Best wishes



    That is just terrific news! Awesome!


    Fabulous! FABULOUS! We are all sooooooooo happy for you!

    A big hug from



    Woot woot. I am so happy for you. This is wait we all hope and pray for ourselves and each other. You are going to have such a wonderful holiday season! This year when that turkey is roasting in the oven, your family will know what Thanksgiving is really about.

    And on a very personal note, thank you for sharing. I have been very pessimistic recently about if this chemo regime is actually working for me. You have given me hope. Thank you.



    That is such great news!! We got a good report today also. Keep up the good work. No matter how long the road or how small the step it certainly is reason to celebrate.

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