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    Yes, I think it’s part of the process when our digestive system is disrupted so completely.
    It’s a constant companion but if you consider the alternative it’s almost a friend.



    ME TOO!! I tell my son it’s payback time, for all the times he would fart in line at the grocery store, then look at me with a disgusted expression and say “MOM, that’s gross!”


    Since the surgery, I am definately a cutie pa-“tootie”. Wind, wind, wind–both belching and flatulance. I have completely lost my embarrassment over it and just let it rip–much to my husbands chagrin. Sometimes I forget that I am in public which has had both of us rolling on the floor laughing. For me, if I am in a hurry and I walk really fast I seem to “activate” their production. Some foods are also a trigger, but even without running or eating the trigger foods, i am full of hot air!


    Post gallbladder removal, my husband has experienced what can only be described as resonant and long-lasting flatulence episodes.


    I reckon it’s partly her age………plus it runs in the family!!:) :)
    Jeff, best of luck with your treatment, hope it’s more tolerable than the last round!
    Mum and I are off to London today to the liver unit at University College Hospital, to see a Mr.Webster. We’ll take all her notes with us, and CT scans from Greece. Not sure if she’ll have tests today, or if it’s just a consultation. Whatever. It will be good to get another opinion. She’s doing fine at the moment!
    Good luck to you, lots of love!


    Hi Kate ,

    When I had my liver resection amd gall bladder removed It was months before I had some type of normalizaion. Even today it really depends on what I eat or to much of causes wind/indigestion. with her gall bladder gone that alone could possibally change the rate of digestive enzymes flow. This is just my thinking out loud. Probally good Idea to search the net for ???????. Hope your Mom is doing as well as can be expected. I start round two Oxy and Xeloda tomorrow. Just a smaller dosage this time hopefully not have the reaction as last time.

    Jeff G.


    My Mum wants to know if any other CC patients suffer from excessive wind!! I told her it’s her age!! But has anyone who has had resection noticed a difference in their digestive system in this way??!!

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