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    Jolene, what a lovely post, you truly expressed how, with the help of this board, no one here is alone. It’s strange, when you have a unique experience of something, whether good or bad, it bonds you to strangers who have had the same experience. My mom is gone but I am not done fighting cholangiocarcinoma.



    That was so beautiful, and so beautifully written. I wish I had written it myself. Thank you so much for walking for all of us touched by this disease. Your father will remain forever a beacon of hope.
    Let us hope that we can spread the word even more. Thank you for thinking of us in your time of grief. All my best wishes for you —


    My handsome, life-loving father died July 28th, 2008 from this awful cancer. He was diagnosed January 25th, 2008, and was told he had 4 – 6 months to live. I was his primary caregiver…he was moved to my home while he received palliative treatment, and began to get his ‘affairs’ in order. I was just thankful to be able to spend the extra hours and minutes with him…as much as God would allow. Dad was rushed to the hospital. The day before he died, he told me that he wasn’t going to make it another day. And we shared a beautiful good-bye. He was able to say good-bye to my family before he slipped into unconciousness. The next day, I told my dad I would run home for an hour, and then I would return. He spared me seeing him pass away, after I tried so hard to keep him healthy and alive. My mother, his bride of 50 years, was by his side.
    My point is really this: Relay for life was held this past friday, a week after we buried dad. Too late to form a team…but my 5 year old niece, 71 year old mother and I walked amidst the luminaries to remember dad. I also walked for all of us who have been affected by CC. Those who have tirelessly cared for our loved ones, those who have worked hard for early detection, those who are spreading the word about this unknown killer, for all who are beginning the fight of their lives, and for all those who have been called by God. I do not know your names, but I do know your stories. We are bound now because of cholangiocarcinoma. I walked in memory of my dad, and I walked in honor of you. With love, Jolene

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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