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    I’m thinking of you, Kris. I send my very best wishes for tomorrow. I’ll be rooting for you – & sending “GO AWAY” (well, maybe a little stronger than that, but not on a public message board ;)) vibes to Leroy & Junior.

    Julia x


    All good thoughts and prayers for you on Thursday Kris!



    Ah ha! Good to see a follow up post – I had just posted a response to your post from last week.

    Glad to see that there are options. Hang in there!



    Thinking of you,



    you are so strong un believebel. but thats a good thing. you keep strong and i wil pray for you. and for everyone here on this baord.

    greets en hugs moon


    Hi Kris,

    I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best out come with your tests and that you will be able to get home for Christmas.



    I LOVE your attitude!! Hopefully one of the future PET scans will not find LEROY either – you never know.

    Good luck on Thursday.



    I hope the needle biopsy and ultrasound go well for you and bring you some good news.

    Good luck with it all and my best wishes to you



    Damn, Kris, the “boys” just all want to be with you. Say, that stomach tumor sounds similar to the GIST I had removed in October. Your doctor sounds wonderful and combine that with your attitude and distaste for the boys, it should be a winning combination. Maybe you need to aggreivate them so they leave. Play bad music, eat foods they don’t like, just go plain against them. I don’t think I would stick around if you were made at me!!!


    I got the call from the oncologist about PLAN C…what is plan c? you may ask. Well that is an amazingly difficult question to answer. Why? Because Leroy is a pain in the butt.

    What did Leroy do this time? He continues to hide. He laughs at the radiology department and scorns CT and MRI scans. We know he is there, PET scan finds him, but all other scans fail. What does this mean? Radiation, RFA, and almost all other treatments are out. If you cant locate Leroy, you cant blast Leroy. So Thursday, I am off for a last ditch effort to find him with ultrasound.

    I am also having a needle biopsy taken…if they can find him. I need a tissue sample to see if he has the genetic mutation needed for Erbitux to work. I know that there is a chance a needle biopsy could possibly spread the cancer, but oh well. My doctor said something about it being encased in a tube so there is little chance of it spreading. I dont know if I believe him.

    Surgery…well, the doctor believes that the tumor in the liver is not a problem to get as it is small. The big tumor in the stomach cavity is another story. It hasnt invaded other organs but it is sitting on top of them and sort of “stuck” to them. They would have to remove too much of too many things and it would likely cause problems, but they are double checking with the specialists in stockholm.

    So I have 3 treatment options, all with problems. The fall back plan is to put me on gemzar and oxaliplatin and just try to slow its growth. That sounds like a surrender and I will not allow that! Who knew a tumor the diameter of a grapefruit could hide so well? And since it has grown enough to be its own thing, the tumor in my liver has reached the stage where he gets his own name too…Junior. So Leroy and Jr. are now public enemies no.1.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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