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    Thank you Duke,
    Seeing consultant today with all this information.
    Tyring to work out if Gemcap is a better option to request than Gemcitabine and cisplatin.


    Angela –
    I got the same story about “the right spot” and “starting something”. The “good” (?) news for me is that I had mets to lymph nodes in my neck and they were able to remove one with a minimum of fuss and bother.



    Dear Kirsty,
    Did you have to pay privately or was this all done via your gp or the oncologist at the hospital?
    I am wondering if I could ask my oncologist but don’t think they would take a biopsy as they say it’s too difficult to ensure they get the right spot, and alos might ‘start something off’.
    Thanks in advance



    Really good news about the Foundation One results. Best wishes for the next steps.

    Julie T.


    Great news! I, too, am now an advocate of getting this done if possible.
    It’s nice to have an alternative in your pocket… Mine is based on a breast cancer clinical trial… I’m waiting and will use it if the time comes.
    It’s wonderful to get encouraging news when fighting this monster. Hope is so very important.
    Good luck!


    Kristy, you guys are really on some kind of magical carpet ride. May the ride continue! Again great news from you! Sometimes when things look the bleakest one is happy if thrown a crumb but goodness, you have been thrown loaves of bread!! Keep up your good work and keep the good news coming.


    Thanks for posting this info Kirsty, very useful indeed.


    Good Evening from the UK.

    I wanted to share this information for anyone considering this testing, I know this is not for everyone but I always find the most amazing advice and treatment options here so I wanted to share our results with you all in the off chance it can help anyone in the future.

    We sent my husbands tumour from Cambridge UK to Cambridge USA 3 weeks ago to foundation one. Our doctor in the UK suggested Foundation one due the fact there are so few treatments for this nasty disease, he did say it may not show anything but anything it did find could be really useful to our fight.

    Results came in yesterday just when we needed it….

    My husbands tumour found
    4 Genetic alterations
    3 therapies associated with potential clinic benefit
    5 clinical trials that may be of use.

    The most exciting piece of news reading all of the report was the use of 3 treatments used for other Cancers, mainly Renal Cancer. They are EVEROLIMUS, TEMSIROLIMUS and TRAMETINIB, one is particularly useful for Neuroendocrine tumours which was part of my husbands adenomocarcenoma so that makes sense.

    We are not planning to jump straight on to these but we have them in our pockets for now and for the road ahead, our doctor has experience with these drugs and is thrilled we have bought some more options.

    Like I said, not for everyone and I know all cases are individual but for anyone undecided this may help.

    I have to say I am glad we went ahead with this.

    Lots of love to all

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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