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    I’m sorry. You are right, life is never the same. My husband started out at the ER too, at OSU. Dr. Bloomston attempted a resection but had to abort due to the tumor being too far into his right bile duct. He then had chemo and radiation under Dr. Maier(?sp) at the James. That was over 2 years ago and he is doing very well. His tumor is actually gone, the radiation followed by brachytherapy was very successful. So there is hope. Your husband needs to keep his strength up and concentrate on keeping his liver as healthy as possible. Radiation and chemo are very hard on the liver. You can read about the diet and supplements I give to my husband. Others here have different things that have worked for them also. Take care and best wishes for the upcoming treatments. I hope your husband has positive results. You are in good hands at the James! Mary



    We as well are currently dealing with a recurrence of this awful disease after a 1 1/2 of (what I call now) bliss. It is hard to deal with and all I can do is try to stay strong and positive. I make sure he eats at least twice a day on top of making sure that he drinks protein shakes to build muscle mass. It is really inexpensive and great source of protein and potassium. Our oncologists said high amounts of protein in the body reduce the risk of blood clots which are can be horrible. In chucks case, he developed a clot in the vena cava too high up to put in a port so he has to stay on blood thinners and could potentially affect his chemo treatment. Has not so far ) so whew) We just completed week four and he is doing better than before chemo. I dont know if this is good or bad. Anyway, I make up a little shake with milk, fruits, vanilla powder protein (sometimes I add some ice cream) and he seems to like it (not a lot but he deals) Best of luck. I will pray for the two of you!



    Hi Sandy…..Sorry to hear about your spouse. The emotional rollercoaster of this cc has struck again. You could not have described it better. May you and your spouse find the strength you need to deal with this devastating blow.
    This site is full of information that I believe you are aware of. Use it to the fullest with a positive outlook. For me, the positive outlook will always be there regardless of the outcome.

    Best Wishes,
    Jeff G.


    Sad to say my spouse, too, is a CC patient. Went into ER for what he thought was food poisoning. Surgery revealed the awful truth. Weight loss is startling; appetite is gone. Complaints of back pain are frequent, and lying down is far more comfortable than sitting up. Energy loss and fatigue are predominant. Friday we go to the James in Columbus (OSU) for a second opinion. A port will be put in August 4; allowing the 6 weeks of chemo and radiation to begin. It all seems surreal. Crying and grief have taken a back seat to numbness of spirit. The maelstrom of thoughts and feelings fade for a while; then rush back in an angry blue-purple rage to tear and gnaw at me. Life goes on, but not as before. Never again as before. My mental salvation has been this website- thanks to ALL of you who contribute; for each message contains a message; and helps to ease the pain and the anger and the disbelief. The nuggets of knowledge shared so freely and with so much compassion are each their own little life saver in so hostile a sea. Thanks to all of you! Sandy

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