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    Yes i do your advise every day i touch his hands and i put my hands on his head and read Quran

    The same what you will hear on youtube i read it for him on my voicr

    He feel better but his eyes all the time open

    Marions,,, Thanks alot i apprrciate what you are feeling for me
    Yes the doctor he said he have two weeks only
    Before one week his mother and his brother arrived to prepare everything to go. Back kuwait as soon as we can ,,, its very hard time pray for him please
    Thank you


    Shaikha……my heart is with you. Try not to take in the visual, but rather look beyond and see your husband as he was. His eyes may be glazed over, but as Lainy says, he can hear and feel your gentle touch. It also is important for you to have someone by your side as well in person. Have the doctors or nurses spoken with you?
    Hugs and love,


    So sorry. I meant your Husband. It is good he is not in pain as comfort is the most important thing. Everyone is different, I know that my husband’s signs started about 10 days before he actually passed. Even when your husband is sleeping, he can hear you as the hearing is the last to go. He could be waiting for you to release him. By that I mean he needs to hear that it is OK to go, that you love him and that you will be OK. In a way it gives you both release. Also gently touch his arms at times. Be strong for him as that is probably what he would want. Sending you hugs and prayers.


    Lainy, thanks for replay,,, you sent me already month ago this list

    He is my husband 34 years old

    Thanks alot


    Shaikha, so sorry to read about your father. I do have a list of what to expect/signs that the end is near that I will e mail to you if you like, I don’t post them, only send them out email. Hang in, hang on and be very strong!


    Also 10 second to breath again
    And irradiated with drinking water


    Hello every body

    Am in hard situation ,,,

    Who see their families with Cc have these signs And how long they handle???

    Now he sleep 95% of the day
    His eyes half open
    Their is like water or something in his eyes is diffrent!
    He cant move and walk alone!
    He is only bone now no fat at all
    He is in no pain like before
    He spits most of the time
    No food at all

    Too much for him to handle but i want who else have seen theise signs and how long they handle and what else to expect?

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