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    I just came across your post about Dr Ian McGilvray. My husband was diagnosed in September 2018 with a tumor in his inferior vena cava. His surgeon consulted with Dr McGilvray to see if it was even possible to get it out. He had his surgery 11/26/18. The plan was once they got to the tumor the transplant team (that doctor  had studied with Dr McGilvray) would replace the IVC with a synthetic one. Fortunately when they got in there the tumor was not in as deep as they thought so the transplant team only had to patch the IVC  & not replace. They also only took 5% of liver vs the plan was to take 1/3. We are so thankful for Dr McGilvray & his consulting that it was possible to get it out. The tumor was Stage 1, no lymph nodes involved. It was found by accident while doctoring for something else. We are so thankful.

    How is your dad doing? Does he still have to have scans?


    Hi Cameron,

    Thank you for sharing your father’s wonderful news.   It made my day to hear that through your family’s persistence you were able to find a surgeon able to take on a tough resection surgery.  I hope your father has an uneventful recovery.

    Have his doctors raised the idea of post-operative adjuvant chemo or chemo + radiation?

    Stories like your father’s inspire hope for newly diagnosed patients and their families.  I am so glad you posted this.  Please keep us posted on how your father is recovering.

    Take care, regards, Mary


    Hello Everyone,

    4 months ago my father was diagnosed with locally advanced unresectable cholangiocarcinoma.  I posted my introduction story on the introduction page so please read that before you continue onward with this post.  I have fantastic news to share and I hope to inspire hope and fight within you all as you battle this cancer with your loved ones.  From receiving the devastating news from Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Center (My family and I live in Toronto, Canada) we requested a second opinion from the UHN (University Hospital Network) which encompasses Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto General Hospital, and Western.  Within one week, they were able to push my fathers CT scans/follow up appointments up with urgency and Dr. Ian McGilvray completed a successful resection surgery on April 6th (exactly 4 months after my father was diagnosed).  He is truly a life saver, we are told he is the best surgeon in all of Canada.  I highly recommend seeking him for an opinion if you have received similar unresectable news.  He is renown for doing these liver/bile duct surgeries that are normally deemed inoperable.  Please if anyone requires any more information please message me and I will help provide any information I can!

    My father is now cancer free and recovering in the hospital 🙂

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