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    Hi, thanks and if you find out anything, I would love to hear about it and the outcome of anyone that has had this procedure.



    Sorry I have not heard of this technique. But my best friend is a oncologist (not mine, mine bites) and I will ask her about it next time we talk if I can remember. Hope your husband respnds well.



    Hi, my husband was recently diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and they removed it around 3 weeks ago.. It has spread to liver and bile ducts.. They have done a procedure to prepare him for his sugery to remove liver and bile ducts. They threaded some beads (glue) to his bad part of the liver which will hopefully stop it from getting any bigger or at least what they are trying to acomplish is to have the good part of the liver get larger and grow Then they can take the mass out and hopefully have enough of the liver left and it can replenish itself But while we are waiting, it has grown from a recent mri.that he just had. I guess I dont understand since the mass has grown , can not that be bad for him. They do not seem to think that it is and call it a stable mass.

    Like everyone else that I read about here, no symptoms hardly and then alot of abdominal pain and then the diagnosis.

    Has anyone here heard of this procedure, I think its called chemo portal or something like that.

    Hope to hear back soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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