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    Hi Elaine and Gary,
    I certainly hope that you can find something that works to stop the progress of this terrible disease. Naples, Florida does sound wonderful. I hope you will enjoy your time there.


    Hi Elaine & Gary. So sorry to hear the latest news. Perhaps a new doctor on the horizon will have some ideas. Sometimes I feel that all the emotional stuff that goes along with the CC is worse than hearing the diagnosis. I would not wish this journey on anyone. Speaking of journeys, love, love Naples!!! I am so glad you are making the trip. Please keep us posted and we are keeping you in our prayers.


    I am so sorry that chemo didnt do what we all want. I understand the fear and disappointment such news brings.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and lets hope Gary’s new plan of attack (whatever that is) is just what he needs.



    The anxiously awaited results are in, and it looks like the chemo(FOLFOX) is NOT working. The one liver mets has grown some after 4 rounds of chemo, but there is no evidence of cancer anywhere else. So today’s (and future) chemo has been suspended and we are going to revisit clinical trials, Dr. Kennedy’s SIRT, and discuss surgery with our surgeon. I doubt Gary will be willing to undergo another large surgery though. M D Anderson is waiting for the results of the scan as they may have a clinical trial for him.
    Using Cisplatnum(?) was also mentioned by our oncologist, but we are concerned about the harsh side effects and damage to the kidneys.
    So the good news is Gary gets a break from the nausea, weakness and weight loss from the chemo. He really needs to gain some weight and get energy back. We’ll be leaving for Naples, FL within a couple of weeks and have already met with an oncologist (Dr. Moscowitz) that we really like. Our present plan is to spend the winter in FL, but who knows where this disease will take us, so we’ll take it as it comes.
    Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. This is a tough, tough battle, but it helps enormously to know we’re not alone.
    Take care, Elaine and Gary

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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