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gemzar headache SE

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    I seem to get a headache after my chemo with Gemzar, it goes away after a few days.  Not sure if it is from the Gemzar or the nausea med they put in before the Gemzar.



    Reelhabit…I hope for someone with first hand experience to share his/her experience to the severe headache reported by you.
    Based on what I have learned your pain far succeeds that of the reports on this site. My husband also had side effects, including headache, but Tylenol was effective.

    Hoping for others to chime in on this.



    First infusion, started out just a nagging headache across forehead, took advil. Two days later pain gradually increase, pain moved to ears also.

    Called ONC that was on call, she tells me to go to ER. ER Doctor gives me Butal/Acetamn/CR 50-325-40 and Prochlorper 10mg. Knocked me out for 12 hours, got me thru the worst. Had not sleep for two nights.

    Anyone else had similar experience?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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