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    Presently, there is quite a bit of attention given to Genomics (the study of many or in some cases of all, of our genes, their functions, and their interactions with the environment.)
    These are exerts from: Genomics in Cancer:
    Genomics is the study of multiple genes working in concert to perform specific functions. In the past, researchers tended to focus on single genes because they did not have the capacity to study many genes and their functions simultaneously. The study of multiple genes at once requires sophisticated computer technology and laboratory methods that have only become available with the past 10 years.
    Most experts believe a type of comprehensive gene-based health assessment will be routinely used by physicians in the near future to determine our risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and many other serious diseases before they actually occur. Genetic testing can also help physicians decide which treatment is best for us based on our genes. These advances in healthcare are a result of technological developments and an increase in knowledge about human DNA. We have learned that many common diseases involve more then one gene.
    Treatment of disease
    It has long been known that some of us respond better than others to certain medications. One reason: We process drugs differently (our pharmacogenomics are different) We now know that, in some cases, this is because of our genes. Genetic assessments will help determine which drug and dose we should take based on our ability to break down the drug, which will likely reduce our chances of experiencing serious side effects.

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