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    Thanks for posting that – it brightened my day. Those who loved us are still looking out for us.


    How absolutely wonderful. You have a gift from your dad even after he is gone. What a blessing. Susan


    Kim: Yes that is how it works. When I took out parental loans for my daughter’s college education, I did verify that the loans would be ‘forgiven’ if I passed away. That made my daughter’s day when I signed the loans for her. Since I’m still here, she is still paying on those loans and I’m not going anywhere soon, HA!

    But in your case, what a wonderful feeling for you to know that your dad was right and you have what I’m sure was a huge burden lifted off your shoulders! So, even though I’m certain you’d rather still have your Dad with you, this is just one more way that he took care of his little girl(s)!




    Kim, and you thought your dad was done! See how our men take care of us even after? What a wonderful gift. Father’s know best!


    You must have such a sense of relief. Your dad would be so proud that it worked out that way too, I bet!


    I found out today that all of my students loans from my college education that were taken out in my dad’s name are forgiven due to his death.

    Towards the end of his life he kept looking forward to us (his daughters) being more finacially stable if he passed away because the loans would be forgiven, but we didn’t believe that would really be the case if he died. We just let him believe it because it gave him peace.

    Turns out, he was right!!! Thanks for the wonderful gift, Dad. :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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