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    Kris, Glad things are working out with this doctor. Sounds like this one is a keeper. Hope she can help you get you with the leg swelling and discomfort.

    Love & Hugs,


    Wow, Kris, you really won the prize with your new ONC! Makes all the difference in the world. Sorry about your legs they must be very painful. You can still do Karaoke just lay across the piano like a French Chanteuse! Hoping for the water log to go down quickly!


    I met with Dr. Denlinger yesterday. It’s so great to actually say I had a good visit with my onc! For those of you who remember, going to see Dr. Kemeny was like pulling teeth.
    I’m having some minor ailments, mostly edema in my legs. The swelling is almost to the knee now, so we are trying Lasix. Not a fan of the side effects, but I hopefully won’t have to take this too long. We have put off giving me Lasix, but it’s at the point that it’s pretty necessary.
    We also talked about genomic testing. She is going to check with pathology to see if there is enough sample left for the testing. Also, possibly try to get some of the original, pre treatment samples from Sloan Kettering from 3 years ago.
    She is also going to see about setting up a support group. There are many cc patients at Fox Chase, many of whom she sees. I think she has about 20 patients. I told her I would deal with the counselor or whoever to try to coordinate a good time to gave these meetings.
    As far as the testing goes, many hospitals charge $3-5000 for it. She sends her testing out to another company, which works with insurance and the patient to get the testing done at much less cost to the patient. So hopefully Medicare and my part B cover it. It will be nice to know the information, if only, for now, to help others determine what chemo will work better.
    I’m hoping to hear soon! Here’s to the future of medicine!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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