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    Sounds good Sue! What a dream to have a great Doc!
    By the way, my Mum also suffered pain around the ribs, where she’d had the op. Seems normal. She just took paracetomol to help.
    Hope the discussion with the radiologist brings continued ggood news!


    Wonderful, wonder news Sue. I swear I have been waiting to hear your report and I have been checking back so many times, I swear it was almost like stalking!!! Your doctor sounds wonderful and I am so glad she took the time to explain things to you. I am sure it made you feel so much better to have a deeper understanding.

    I see you are from Indiana. I was born in Bloomington and was raised on Bobby Knight basketball–even after we moved away when I was 5. My grandparents are actually from Nebraska and so I havent been back to Bloomington in about 15 years. Though I have vague memories of it from childhood particularly about getting ice cream from the Penguin(?).

    I am just smiling right now. I hope that our present good luck rubs off on some of the others. Take care.



    Hello all,

    I had my second 3-month CT scan yesterday morning (not without the usual complications

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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