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    Pam, this is a wonderful website, like the others say, it explains things that even the people who are not going through great loss, they can get a peek.



    Lost husband Wayne 2-17-10 to cc, and mother 11-21-10


    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for posting this. Everything I read there is so true and is exactly how I feel. Makes me feel better knowing that my grief and feelings are normal, for me. Great website.

    Love & Hugs,


    Hi Pam,

    This is an excellent website, thank you very much indeed for posting the link to it.

    Best wishes,



    Good ideas Nancy. We have a GNO (girl’s night out) once a month with 8 of us and each month is another gals turn to hostess. Last time I had it I took them to a Zumba class then to a Cuban restaurant for dinner. They are going easy on me this month with just dinner out. Next month is a Music Museum. I have also gone back to choir. I really PUSH as I know that is what Teddy would want.


    Pam – Thanks for sharing that website. Another thing I did for myself….I set up Fridays as “movie night” with a group of my friends. My husband works a lot and is not home in the evening, and I found myself going into a funk. I would come home from work, have dinner, and veg on the couch and found I was getting depressed somewhat. Now, on Friday night, we take turns bringing a simple dinner (soup, caesar salad, whatever)…..and watch 2-3 episodes of a good t.v. series that I have on DVD. We start early (we don’t like staying up TOO late)…have a little bite….a little chatter…and then watch 1-2 hours of the show. It gives me something to look forward to and time with my good friends, who know how to make me feel good and help me with my sadness. The other thing I started doing again: jigsaw puzzles….they are mindless but help me to focus on something else. Hope this helps someone. – Nancy


    Great site, Pam, thanks! Guess I have been pretty lucky. Girlfriends include me in lunch dates about once a week. Dinner out about once a week and I am invited to a Super Bowl party and a ‘couples’ party the end of February. They seem to know I back off when I am don’t feel like going out and one friend already came up with “I have someone I want you to meet!” Couldn’t believe that one after only 6 weeks. My date is the big picture of Teddy hanging in the living room. I did really like the article as it said what I feel sometimes. Right on.


    Great website! I have trouble with “don’t avoid me.” We’re approaching 4 months since my sweet mother died, and friends don’t talk to me about her at all. I WANT them to talk about her. Even my husband doesn’t. I know it’s because they don’t want to upset me, but I’d rather talk about her and my memories of her.


    I found this website and think it has some really good tips for grieving…..

    Hugs to all on this journey….

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