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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for responding. It’s wonderful to get replies to my posts.
    John had only a couple of small bouts of hiccups. I tell you we are rejuvenated with hope!!!
    We were really devestated by depression for so long just waiting for him to die now we actually have hope for our future. I believe if John can hold on long enough they actually might find a cure for this cancer or at least a drug that will put him in remission.
    I’ll write again as soon as we get the rsults of his ct scan.
    Gods healing for us all,


    I am so happy for you and John. I often wonder what doctors are thinking when they steal hope. E veryone reacts differently and sometimes a fighting spirit is more important than a doctors opinion. I hope good things continue!



    Hi Charlene…I echo Mary. Let’s pray this combo holds things at bay or better yet does some shrinkage. This combo initially shrank my tumors but then went back to original size but they have not increased since then. I did have ringing in ears and maybe 2-3 time lost my balance a bit. Also blurry vision momentarily a couple times. It’s that cisplatin that caused my side effects. Well, it usually is the platinum drugs that do it for me. Has he tried carboplatium sister drug yet? That helped me for a while as well with exsisting tumors. Keep hydrated please go to oncology and ask them to fill John up between treatments it really does help with nausea and energy and watch the white blood counts as filgrastim injections help with that as well. Also, I use to take nausea med at least twice daily regardless and then cut back to one when feeling a little uppity. Does that pre med dexadron(sp) steroid give him the hiccups. Soak in a nice hot bath told usually relaxed me enough to get rid of them. Oh! here I am lecturing again sorry. Wish you the best!
    Jeff G.


    That’s great news Charlene. I hope the good news keeps coming and you’re able to visit your grandson. That will be a wonderful Christmas present. Take care. Mary


    Hi ,
    John has had 3 chemo ( Gemzar & Cisplatain) treatments and we’re seeing improvement!!!
    He was having extreme pain anytime he had to take a deep breath or yawn and that is now almost totally gone.
    He’s having another treatment on 11/20 then they are doing another CT scan on 11/28.
    The Dr. said if everything looks good John can have 3 weeks off and we can go see our brand new grandson, Fabian Sandoval Jr. YAHOO

    I’m so angry with his first Dr. who told us not to do Chemo because it would not work and only prolong his agony.
    John has had very minimal nausea but he does have equilibrium problems.
    After reading how many people on this forum have been fighting this cancer FOR YEARS with Chemo I feel like sueing him.!

    Well until our next post, Gods blessings and healing on us all,

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