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    Such great news for both of you. Love hearing shrinkage. Thanks for bring more hope to our site.



    Judy…..what incredible, fantastic and totally over the moon good news; can’t get much better than that.
    Thanks for bringing joy to our site.


    Dear Judy and Ron, YIPPEE! This is the bestest news ever! Shrinkage, one of our favorite words keep the good news coming!


    Brilliant news about Ron Judy!! Thanks for that! Love hearing news like this, shrinkage, love it! Great to hear that Ron is feeling so good and keeping my fingers crossed that a resection will be an option as well! Please keep us updated on everything.

    My best to you and Ron,



    WooHoo! Great news!. Shrinkage it one of the best things to hear. Congratulations to both of you. Here’s hoping that things continue to go in the right direction.



    Ron had his first post-HAI pump CT scan done this week and WOW is all I can say! Profound results! To refresh anyone’s memory who might not recall Ron’s situation…. he was diagnosed last August, went through 4 rounds of Cis/Gem, had to quit that because of neuropathy, started Xeloda, had to quit that after day 2 because of side effects, then was off all treatment for 4 weeks waiting to see a doctor at MSK for possible HAI pump. While waiting he started on Gem/Oxy for 2 weeks. HAI pump was put in the end of Feb this year and they also were giving him Gemzar every week for 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks on Gemzar he ended up in the hospital 2x and his neuropathy returned with a vengeance. They stopped the Gemzar and he has been on only FUDR in the HAI pump now for 5 weeks. After only 2 treatments of FUDR (two weeks at a time) and only 3 months since the first treatment his large tumor shrunk by 33% and the medium sized tumors shrunk by over 50%. His blood tests are fantastic. CA19-9 is lowest since the start, CEA is negative, hemoglobin is highest since start. All other tests are normal with the exception of one liver enzyme, which is slightly high due to the high doses of FUDR. His onc says he doesn’t need anymore systemic chemo (mostly because he simply can’t tolerate any of them) and she is giving him a 4 week break from the FUDR. He looks and feels better than he has since the start. What a change! A re-section may be in his future. That’s all we’re praying for. He still has a long way to get there, but it’s sure looking good right now. We are so thankful that the FUDR is working so well at killing the cancer and Ron can live a normal life today.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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