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    Derin…congratulations on a great finish. As Nancy has mentioned, the tiredness will wear off within the next few weeks. I can’t think of anyone who did not suffer from great fatigue post radiation treatments. But it is all behind you now and from now on it is upward only.


    Hi Derin, Yay! Radiation done! It does knock you for a loop doesn’t it? You will find your energy returning over the next few weeks. Must feel so good to have the chemo and radiation all done! Enjoy all the upcoming activities you have planned! Life is good. Hugs. Nancy


    Hi Derin,

    Yay!! Great news!!! Hope all goes well with your meeting tomorrow with the onc and that you get some great news. Time for some fishing soon is it?? Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

    Best wishes,



    I’m done… No more radiation for me! Pretty tired today, slept until noon, but hey, it was the last day of treatment! See the oncologist tomorrow, bloodwork, then set up plan for next scan date.


    GO DERIN!!! GO DERIN!!!! (picture the pom poms flying!!)

    And you still haven’t shown up to wash my car!!! :D


    That’s why I slept this morning until about 10 minutes ago after treatment this morning… My platelets were down a bit on Thursday, but with only 2 treatments to go they weren’t concerned. I do take Xeloda 2x per day, 1650mg but only on the days of treatment, not the weekends so that’s been my ‘recovery’ time. Monday is it, then we’ll see what happens!


    Derrin, don’t want to be “debbie downer” but radiation tends to knock you for a loop about a week after you are done. Patty just posted on FB how good she was and now very wiped. I will always remember the day it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I was doing pretty good, (usually took myself and was also having 5FU 24 hours a day) then WOW!! I know we all different but be carefull, you have a lot planned and your immune system is pretty compromised. My advice is don’t push yourself and let yourself be pampered!!!
    Lots of prayers-Cathy


    So nice to see you again. I also was just wondering how you were doing. I’m glad you are almost done. And that you didn’t have many side effects. I never had “normal” side effects from Xeloda. I got the dizziness/vertigo/blurry vision that affects less than 2% of the patients. Of course!!
    I can’t wait to hear how your trip to NYC went. Maybe I’ll be there at the same time and we can do lunch across from the offices!!


    Glad to see you Derin, just last night I mentioned to a friend that I had not seen you on site. Teddy never had Chemo but he did do the Rad. His energy level got better about a week after he was done. You sure have a lot of wonderful things you are looking forward too and all should be just fine. Broadway….WICKED…wonderful. We could write a play about CC and call it Wic ked! Looking forward to your post about your Docs game plans. Mazel, Mazel on the Bat Mitzvah.


    Well, I can sure tell you that the radiation has affected me way more than the chemo… definitely more tired daily. I go in every day at 7:15 but more often than not get home and nap for another couple of hours. Don’t want to, but have to it seems. Slowed down at the gym so as not to push it too much. Went Tuesday for first time in a couple of weeks and did ok because I didn’t feel tired that day. I officially have 2 treatments left, tomorrow and Monday and THAT IS IT!!! Will be discussing follow up treatments/scans Mon/tue with Radiation Oncologist as well as Oncologist to get a ‘plan’ together.

    Off to Lauderdale the 16th for a bat mitzvah, then NY for the 4th and a wedding/trip to the city to see Wicked… Will be glad radiation is over, that’s for sure!


    Whew! I am just so happy to see you again! ENJOY all your plans and keep up the good work.


    Hi everyone. Sorry for such a long time between posts, funny how you get busy sometimes and forget to do some things… A little catching up:

    Finished Chemo on the 13th of April and they wanted to wait 3-4 weeks to start radiation. Did the study on Friday the 27th of April (side note, where I was supposed to go the CT machine took a crap, had to go to another location but got it done!) so they could map everything and did my mold, started the radiation on Monday the 7th. Today was my 13th treatment of 25, so I’m officially 54% done!

    I am taking 1650 MG of Xeloda 2x per day and on day 1 and 2 I didn’t take any anti-nausea meds, didn’t feel that great… Afternoon of Tuesday day 2 I took Zofran, it worked, and now I take a Zofran every morning with my Xeloda. I don’t take it at night and it hasn’t bothered me, but if it does, i have no hesitation to taking it. Since the Zofran, haven’t had an issue since.

    I have been a bit more tired of late, naps here and there. Other than the tiredness, no nausea, vomiting, or anything else. I’ve kept up with the gym too but not sure how much of it I will be able to do over the next 2 weeks…

    Headed to NY on 7/3 for my father-in-law’s granddaughter’s wedding on the 4th in the Hamptons (the Hampton’s will be in the Hamptons… heheheh), wife’s bday is the 6th, we’ll be in NYC and have 4 tickets to Wicked at the Gershwin theater… Might as well make a vacation out of it, right??? Best wishes to everyone out there fighting the fight!

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