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    Thanks for this tip and it is great Rich is finally finding relief for his sore hands.

    I looked around for medical literature evidence, and found one obscure case study report.  A guy in England under treatment for cancer apparently walked (or limped) into a burn unit with his severe hand-foot syndrome, and it was apparently treated as if a burn including with silver sulfadiazine cream.  The capecitabine was also discontinued.  The report indicated rapid pain relief and subsequently clearing up of the symptoms.  The description I saw was too sketchy to draw any firm conclusions, for example,  the silver sulfadiazine cream was part of multiple things done including bandaging plus the capecitabine was stopped.  Nonetheless, this is a great idea of something to try and I wish I had known about it when I was limping around with this annoying capecitabine side effect.

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    Rich is doing the TAS120 clinical trial and has come down with hand and foot syndrome-just on his hands so far-they look like the skin has been burned off and it’s very painful for him.

    We’ve tried every cream and they were keeping it at bay but, not anymore. We have found something that within 2 days has made a dramatic difference and I wanted to share this with anyone who is experiencing the same problem.

    It’s called SILVER SULFADIAZINE CREAM you do need a prescription for it. How we came across it is Rich’s nephew 3 year old son had a severe reaction to the flu, he went into cardiac arrest and kidney failure which caused these huge blisters to form and he lost blood flow to his extremities his hands and feet needed to be amputated. They used this cream on the blisters he had which were like third degree burns. If you would like to read his journey you can go to FACEBOOK and search for “updates for liam young” and see how remarkable this little boy really is.

    So far this cream has made a world of difference in Rich’s hands!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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