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    Hello everyone, This foundation and the members of this website are like family to me. Without you all I would not have survived the 11 months my father lived after his diagnosis. I may not sign in much anymore but pray daily and in every business transaction CC foundation gets my money. My customers receive a special thank you card to show exactly how much money from the business goes to this organization.

    In addition to donating money from every sales transaction thru my business I am selling beautiful hand beaded bracelets made by the women of Nepal. The women are being taught to make the bracelets in order to help provide for their families. You see in Nepal families are selling their young, young girls to business of sex trafficking in order for them to be able to provide for their families. Please visit http://www.friendsofmaitinepal.org/ for more information. Also look up the video called “The Day My God Died” a PBS documentary that exposes what is happening in Nepal. It follows a young 6 year old girl who was sold to this trade and it a very tragic situation.

    My heart cries out for these families and young girls. Their life expectancy averages 6 more years after they enter into this trade. I purchase these bracelets with my own funds then turn around and sell the bracelets for $10 if you buy 2 or more bracelets. The full $10 is being donated to the CC foundation. Since I only learned of all this in July 2012, I have raised $600 for CC foundation. My goal is to raise a minimum of $5,000 by the end of this year to give to the CC foundation. This is in addition to the monies I donate when you purchase something from on-line retail store.
    Help me exceed my $5,000 goal by purchasing a bracelet at $10 if you buy two or more bracelets. You can see the beautiful bracelets and the amount of work that goes into these bracelets on this website http://www.fairtradefashiondesigns.com/photos/.

    When you order the bracelet, it matters not the color that you get. For in giving this $10/bracelet you will have helped save a life of a young girl and at the same time have donated that $10 to this foundation. You see I believe in a cure and will not stop working to raise money to help find that cure. You can buy the bracelets at http://www.maggiescollectibles.net or by emailing me at maggies.collectibles@yahoo.com

    These bracelets travel with me and sell themselves. I am very honored to be able to help two very important causes near and dear to my heart.

    Thank you for doing your part

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