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    You’re an inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle and stay positive! I’m going to share your site w my sister who has ICC and though she us nit a candidate for surgery, has a young child to live for . Thanks for your post! Willow


    Nice site and you are one heck of a cute couple! I say what ever works for someone is what they should do cause who knows us better than ourselves. I am so very happy for this report from you and keep the good news coming! YIPPEE


    I had my liver resection 8 months ago and so far so good. My last CT and labwork all looked fine.
    I don’t go back for another CT till May. I did not have any chemo or radiation after the surgery due to complications. Here is what I am doing right now to keep as healthy as possible.
    I am no longer working at my stressful job. I have started eating healthier. I bought a juicer and love it. I never realized how unhealthy my diet was before. I try to eat mostly fruit, vegetables and lean meats. I eat sugar when I crave it, but not nearly as much as before. I also have been taking milk thistle every day as well as something called systemic enzymes. They are supposed to help with inflammation and I feel like they do work. I have what I feel is scar tissue pain at my incision site and I find that I feel better when I exercise and stretch my stomach and side muscles. I have also been doing a lot more praying and am back in touch with God. I am feeling really good about life in general and hope to have a long and healthy future. I made a facebook page to talk and write about cancer related topics. Feel free to post on it if you have anything to say! The address is:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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