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    Hi Ang,

    I will be praying for you all, and I am so sorry.

    Spend time together and visit when she is awake even if she is confused, which may happen.  The hospice nurse may need to get orders to increase the dose of oral morphine, or how often it can be given.  Sometimes it may seem like too much, and this can be scary, but it will be alright.  It is never wrong to call the hospice nurses if you all or your MIL’s sister is worried or afraid.  The nurses are there to help.

    Please do not hesitate to email me if you want to talk, or we could even talk on the phone if this would help you.



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    Dear Hopeseeker,

    Your posts are very appreciated by the board community.  Your mother’s path with this cancer has been a tough one, and she is blessed to have you and your family looking out for her and keeping her as comfortable as possible.

    A board colleague posted some good information on end-of-life some time ago.  I copied the link below for you.


    Sending many prayers for Rosemary and for you and your family.  Please continue to let us know how you are doing.

    Regards, Mary



    Hello CC Family,

    I know I post a lot lately, but it’s some sort of outlet for me in this awful time we are walking in. Since my MIL diagnosis at the end of march beginning of a April I have found great help and advice here. I’m glad I found this place although I hate that I had to.

    The Hospice nurse is saying my MIL only has about 2 weeks left and her liver is shutting down and failing. She’s swollen all over, confused, weak, and sleeping on and off all day long.

    The catheter is still in place, and there is blood in it. They’ve given her a nebulizer to help with the congestion and her hard time breathing. She’s taking her liquid morphine every 2 hours aling with her other meds to keep her pain down. Her pain has increased tremendously over the past week or 2.

    My heart is breaking for her because she was a strong and spunky lady before this horrid cancer took hold. Her family loves her very much and she has always been a kind and loving woman.

    CC family, I appreciate your input and advice throughout this ordeal and nightmare. I could use some advice and suggestions for what we should expect and do for my MIL in these last few weeks we have with her.

    I don’t know what to expect as far as her passing. I have heard that it can be horrendous and also heard it can be peaceful and calm. Prayers are greatly appreciated at this time for our family and friends.


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