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    Hi Matt,

    Welcome to our CC family. Your sister is very lucky to have a caring brother like you. I am glad that they were able to find your sister’s CC early because usually by the time you have any symptoms, you are already in the late stages. My husband has Stage IV ICC and has been fighting it for a little over 3 and a half years. Most people have not heard of CC because it is such a rare cancer. Your sister should receive excellent care at Mayo. Sending well wishes for your sister and hugs to you, PeggyP


    Hi, my name is Matt. My sister was recently diagnosed. She meets with her surgeon tomorrow. The good news so far is that it doesn’t appear to have spread to any other organs, her blood tests are coming back WNL, and it is relatively small. It probably would not have been discovered if she hadn’t had a history of problems with benign tumors on her adrenal glands; I believe the cholangiocarcinoma was discovered when she went in for follow up on this. This is very scary stuff, and I feel for anyone who has experienced it or has a loved one who has gone through this. I spoke to 3 RN’s I know when I got the news about my sister, and none of them had heard of it. The oncologist is hopeful she will have a successful surgery and a “short” stint of chemo, but I suppose they won’t know anything for sure until they operate and track her through follow up visits. Another good thing is that she lives only an hour away from Mayo, and that’s where she is going for the surgery. The bad thing is that I live about 900 miles away and cannot afford to go see her right now, but I will find a way eventually. I was relieved to find this site, and I’m sure I will check back often.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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