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    Dear Lets Live,

    I am so very sorry you are facing this marathon fight with such a recent diagnosis. You are not alone and I hope you find as much support here as I have. There are many treatments to consider and keeping your spirits up with all the loves and support you can get will help give you the strength to get through them.


    Let’s Live, By your name I know you approach this disease with the best attitude! Have a Merry Christmas. Hugs. Nancy


    Dear Let’s Live,
    I am so glad that you found the CC Family and so sorry that you had to look for us.

    Nancy and I are relatively new at this also. Our CC saga started with our son who was diagnosed in 8/12. We have consulted and treated with many wonderful, caring and skilled physicians at two well known institutions out here in California. However, by far, the best thing that has happened to us since this journey began was finding the CC Family. In fact, we found some of our physicians through other CC family members and their gift of sharing. I cannot imagine a more loving, caring and supportive group of people.

    You will see this as your journey continues and as you continue to explore this website and read these very personal stories. You will find happy stories ans sad stories, successes and some disappointments all of which truely mirror the hills and valleys of this disease. You will find a wealth of information about the disease and the treatment.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong and be brave.

    God Bless You.

    Bob & Nancy
    Jeff’s Mom & Dad


    Every time I see a new member, I shed tears. Please Letslive, smile and laugh every day, no matter what, you are loved and supported by this amazing group of people. xxx


    Dear Letslive, welcome to our extraordinary family but sorry you had to find us. You have come to the best place to be and we look forward to your sharing more of your story with us. We are a curious bunch and wish to know more. Where are you being treated and what form of treatment are you getting? A little advise would be to read up as much as you can as knowledge is the best tool to fight with. Also we are big believers in 2nd and 3rd opinions. You are not alone as we travel this journey together. Looking forward to hearing more from you as we truly care.


    I’m a new member after being diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma with metastasis to my liver, lung, peritoneal lymph nodes, and abdomen in Oct. 2012. I’m looking forward to reading experiences of others with this horrible disease, as well as participating and sharing mine. I appreciate all of the support of others.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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