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    Have a great time, Lainy


    Sounds all good to me, apart from the bronchitis! Hope Mel gets over that one soon.

    Safe travels and have a blast and we will see you when you get back!



    PS – Remember to use the step when getting on the train……. :)

    And when you get off it as well….. 😆


    THANK YOU ALL: And my son from another MUM just cracked me up. I needed that today, Gavin, as I am packing and running down my long list. This time Mel may be the problem as he has Bronchitis! It is a 6 hour drive and we are breaking it up into 3 to Yuma and 3 to Carlsbad. Yuma as in the movie “The 3:10 to Yuma” and yep it still looks like that! Not sure where we will eat, probably Mickie Dees Steak House (McDonalds). Robin and her oldest, Josh and his GF are coming in for 2 days and we are taking a train along the Ocean down to San Diego. Then lunch at a favorite of Mels and then back. Should all be fun. Love to you all, each and every one.


    Have a great time!!

    And please, this time…… try not to get flu, food poisoning or anything like that and remember not to fall out of cabin doors or anything like that…..use steps like everyone else does!!!

    Ooops, nearly forgot, we also do not want to hear about brain issues when you get back unless (you know what’s coming) that you realise in Calif that you really really do have one!! Sorry, could not resist!

    We love you really and look forward to you coming home IN ONE PIECE this time and hearing all about it!

    Love ya loads,


    PS – Seeing as you are going to somewhere called Oceanside, if you go on a boat or anything like that, try and stay inside the boat as that is quite important!



    Enjoy Lainy.

    Have an awesome time on your vacation.



    Miss you too, Lainy. Have a great time in CA.


    Just a note that I will be out of town from OCT. 13th to Oct. 23rd. For those of you who know the area I will be spending a week Oceanside in Carlsbad, Calif. Hope everyone stays good and as usual I IWLL miss being here!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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