Hello I’m Sarah, I was diagnosed in Aug 2005 with CC.

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    Hi. My name is Lynn and was mother was just diagniosed with cholangiocarcinoma, stage 4 in addition to having liver cancer. Prognosis not good, She is not jaundice at all. Always has some stomach aches, just recently started itching, what is that about?? She also has high calcium levels,,,which have been treated twice with aredia. She tried Gemzar twice, got so sick…the doctor felt it was hastening her death not prolonging it. I am scared, she has a lot of good days but tires easily. She is on xanax and oycodene 5/325 5 times a day but just increased to 10/325 for 2 out the 5 times. What can I expect or do for her to help her?
    My prayers to all of you,



    Sarah D……Don’t let yourself get trapped inside that room of anxiety. Don’t let that internal negative anticipation of the worst, dwell over the reality that you are 3 years post. Most Oncologist will tell you that after two years your really in the safe zone from any reccurrence. Take a positive approach and stand up to this emotion. There is one thing in this world that you have absolutely no control over; I call it the unknown future. I was going to go on in lenght with my opinion but I won’t preach other than say you have the power within you to control your emotional fear and press on with life and be happy! Poise yourself for enjoyment and happiness not sadness and torment. In your case it is an unknown now. Let the trauma of the past go…….No I”m not a doctor just a Dad who has given this advice before.
    Bless Ya!
    Jeff G.


    Hi Sarah,
    As caregiver I also experience how good it is to visit these forums and get help, suggestions and fellow-feeling. I can understand your fear. My husband got a prediction of 2-3 months and it is 13 months now and he is still with me. My fear now is growing instead of only being happy that he is still here. So I know the feeling.
    Since you’re American, there is another great website on cancer and they also have a line “bile duct”. It is http://www.cancercompass.com. A lot of questions there are asked and answered and also a lot of mental help is given to each other. Maybe you find there what you are looking for too.
    Wishing to all the best and hope to hear from you a long time more :)


    Trust me, I understand. I am so terrified it is heard to think straight sometimes. This you is a wonderful little community and we are happy that are here. Almost three years and here you are. Wonderful, I love long term survivors as I think hope is contagous and we need it to be spread around abit.

    I hope you have more and more time feeling great!



    Hi everyone, I’m really glad I found this site. It’s really awful not having anyone to talk to about this cancer I know there are all kinds of support and help groups for breast, brain, prostate and so many other cancers but never anything bout this one. It really makes you feel so alone. I thought the closer I’d get to 5 years post the better I’d feel, but I’m getting more and more scared everyday. I feel like I’m waiting for a time bomb to go off inside me and times running out. Crazy huh?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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