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    Thanks Caroline!
    I do hope so!!
    As for the best surgeon……I can but hope. He is supposedly one of Greeces best….I bloody well hope so!!!



    If your mother’s tumor is only 2 – 3 cm and it has not spread to the lymph nodes, then it sounds like she may hav a really good chance of beating this. I agree with Jules – look for the best surgeon you can find.

    -Caroline Stoufer, Ouray, Colorado, USA


    Cheers for the reply Jules!!
    Well, this morning Mum and I were told it is a type 1 tumour, whatever that means exactly….I seem to remember reading that it is the better to have…..if you’re going to have one of these things!! So I’ll be off to trawl the net for more info shortly!!
    I believe the guy is one of the best in Greece, and it is his field, so fingers crossed! The jaundice is still getting lower, and they hope to operate later this week. I return to UK tomorrow….I am married with 2 kids (5&7), so it will be nice to be home for a short time. My Brother arrived Saturday from NZ, and will be here for the next couple of weeks, and then I will return!!


    hi kate

    so sorry to hear about your mum – my Dad (61) was diagnosed with cc july 05 – had a resection and now has recurrance and is having chemo, we also have some other options standing by and are determined to beat this.

    It must be hard for you with your mum in greece, if there is any advice I would give you at this stage it would be to make sure that your mum has a surgeon who has operated on cc patients before and has plenty of experience, it is very difficult surgery and as cc is so rare it is a specialty. My Dad had 2 ops – first at hammersmith – the surgeon said he couldn’t remove tumor, the second op cancer was all removed..(second time around we had someone very highly reccomended) – surgery is the only curative option with this disease.

    good luck, jules


    Hello everyone!! My name is Kate, and I have joined this site because my Mother has been diagnosed with a Klatskin Tumour, so I am hungry for information on the subject!
    I actually live in West Sussex UK (I note that there is another lady on this site who lives in my area)!
    The difficulty I am dealing with is that my Mother lives in Greece!! She is currently in Patras University Hospital, Rion, on the Pelloponese. So I am dealing with Greek Doctors, who, whilst very nice and capable I’m sure, are not exactly tripping over themselves to give me information!! I am assured her Doctor is one of the best in this field in Greece, a certain Dr.Karavias, who seems very nice!!
    Anyway, she was diagnosed acouple of weeks back…usual thing….jaundice was the first indication that something was amiss. I think the first signs were end of March, so I guess all in all diagnosis has been fairly swift.
    Just over a week ago she had some kind of stent inserted to unblock the bile duct, to relieve the jaundice. It is slowing going, she’s not quite as yellow as she was when I first arrived here!!
    The Doctor seems to be fairly confident that he can remove the tumour. I have no idea how big it is, although I seem to remember 2-3cm being mentioned. And I think she was told it hadn’t spread to the lymph nodes etc. Does any of this make sense?
    So, just waiting really, for the big op.
    My Mother incidently, is calm and collected, and insists it has nothing to do with being brave. She says she has had a good life, and is not afraid to die!! Amazing woman my Mother!! She has lived here 17 years, and seems to have adopted the Greek mentality….whatvever the Doctor says or DOESN’T say is just fine…..she has no desire for masses of info, it’s me that wants to know every tiny detail!!

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