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    Hi Barbara, you don’t always have to travel to get the additional opinions. For my Dad we contacted several oncologists, who agreed to look at Dad’s records in determination of potential treatment options. Dad’s hospital sent CD’s of his imagery & all his doctor records FedEX to oncologists that we provided contact information for. Per this strategy, we were in correspondence with nearly a dozen specialists, and posed questions such as those referenced by Marion and Jamie- the essential question in our case was, what is the recommended course of treatment that you would propose and why? We followed up with them or they called back within just a couple days and the collective data was a key determination in Dad’s decision to pursue a treatment plan. We too believed that resection was the best option, and only one out of the 12 docs teams indicated that they’d attempt it.

    These decisions are tough Barbara, definitely. Sending you best wishes….



    Let me put my 2 cents in. I agree with everyone that you should get another opinion. I would question both Drs to have them explain their reason for their choice. After I had my resection a year ago I wanted to do 3-6 more months of chemo. The Dr at Mayo said he didnt recommend it. I ended up trying to take it anyway but didnt tolerate it very well due to low blood counts. Last dose was in August. I went back to see the first Oncologist I saw (non Mayo) and he wanted me on chemo. I ended up getting a third opinion in Dec and he said not to also. I ended up not doing anymore chemo and I just found out last week it is back and has spread to my lungs. So I guess my point is that sometimes we need to go with our gut feeling. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference in my case but I am still doubting my decision now. I was first told I was inoperable and they did an open and close surgery. I kept praying that maybe I could someday have a resection as I felt that was the best chance for longer survival. I still am grateful that I had the opportunity to have it. I’ve had a fairly good year and have been grateful for each day. I dont think I would still be here if I hadn’t had the resection. I am now going back to the other Dr for his opinion also. So my feeling would be to get several opinions, make sure you get an explanation for what they recommend, for me I pray about it, listen to your own instinct and then make a decision. Best wishes and God Bless,


    The surgeon who wants to do the surgery turned me away 8 months ago before chemo shrunk my tumor. He is a liver surgical oncologist and was the first to tell me I have cc.



    I have to agree with Marion & Lainy. You may not want to go to more doctors for opinions, but I think it is important in order to make a better informed decision. When confronted with CC you need all the help & knowledge you can get. I too wish you the best of luck.



    Barbara, I definitely agree with Marion. When 2 disagree I would go to a third and if his opinion is different to a 4th until 2 agree. It is good that you have options and crucial to get 2 to agree. Good luck.


    Barbara…..this is the time to definitely consult with another phsysican or two. Do either one of the mentioned physicians have prior experience with CC and to what extent? In other words, how many patients have they seen and treated? More then anything though, I am thrilled to see the developments. Wow, this is great news.
    Keep it coming,


    I have one surgical oncologist who is willing to do a resection of the tumor in my liver and one who only wants to do a laparoscopy to go in and take a look and maybe then have radiation on it. I feel that if I can have it cut out, I should go for it. I would like other opinions from all of you. I don’t really want to go to a third doctor.

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