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    Ah Red….thank you. I have my days……sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world and other times…not so much. There are people here on the boards who know just how low I can get. I have support though, from wonderful family and from my friends here on the boards, and with their help…..I have pulled myself up a few times from wallowing in self-pity and doubt. When it comes right down to it…..knowledge is everything …..and I don’t believe in hiding from the facts and truth. It’s far better …at least for me….to know what I am fighting or might be fighting. It doesn’t mean I don’t cry…..OH MY….it doesn’t mean that at all. One of the best all time quotes of things I have said in the past, “I may be crying…but damn it…..I WILL FIGHT!” LOL (That had nothing to do with CC….but it is appropriate right now). But, I don’t equate crying with weakness…’s more of a very severe reaction to frustration and lack of control over a situation. I don’t know where this is headed…..but I am finding out what it is….and I will deal with whatever it is in my own way. Thank you so much for your sweet post. I didn’t expect to hear anything today from Mayo today….since they said 2-3 days. I may not hear until Monday since it’s so close to the weekend.



    You don’t me, but you are such a strong woman as I can detect from your postings. My heart goes out to you for good news today and the days to come.




    Thoughts and prayers coming your way- waiting for the good news :)



    Julie, you know the tests have to be done and the good news will be eliminations as you move along and upward. I am just glad that they are moving so fast on this for you and then you can put it to rest. I will be with you tomorrow in spirit and I hope you will feel my hand holding yours! I love you Sissy!!!!


    Just saw the hematologist who said the first thing he would be looking at would be to eliminate the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma in the bone marrow….by which he means the CC metting to the bone marrow. He said he didn’t think that was the case….but crap….I didn’t even know CC could do that. Anybody heard of this? When I google it, it only talks about dogs and cats.

    The other stuff they’ll look for next will be leukemias.

    Sigh……I’m trying to suck this up and pull up my granny panties….but it sure isn’t easy.

    Bone Marrow Biopsy is tomorrow. around noon.


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