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    As an added note to the ginger for nausea, I have read that while ginger is an excellent anti-nausea it can also “inhibit blood-clotting and in rare instances trigger gastrointestinal bleeding. If you are undergoing chemotherapy and your platelet levels are below sixty thousand (the number that indicates compromised clotting ability).” -From Margie Levine’s book “Surviving Cancer”

    I have gotten some crystalized ginger for my mom to chew on, I just try not to give her too much.

    Another thing that we tried that helped a lot for nausea is frozen grapes and frozen bananas on a stick.


    I have a customer whose daughter has brain cancer. She gave me some good ideas for nausea that you might be interested in. Even though its not CC maybe it can hep the nausea from CC and chemo as well.

    What we found to be most effective for nausea after chemo (last year

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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