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    I’m very interested in cancer center’s acceptance of medicare. I have read that some are now not accepting Medicare Advantage plans

    Medicare Advantage plans


    Kamilla, this is just uncalled for!!! I know when we would have any kind of problem from Teddy’s Insurance Company his ONC would step in and talk to the company and make everything good again. I also would suggest that your dad find another ONC in Mobile. As for MDA I would ask Dad’s ONC to call them as well or as BJS said you call and ask to talk to the Manager of the Billing Department or even the Manager of MDA! I know the ONC in Mobile have not been receptive but please try another. This could be the lucky one!


    Kamilla, — I am confused – my husband has been treated @ MDA since 2003, first for polycythemia and now for cholangiocarcinoma. Originally he had Blue Cross Blue Shield but as of Jan 1, of this year he has medicare as primary. No one has mentioned having a problem with his insurance – but then he has only had one visit there this year. They turned his care over to the Houston Methodist Liver Transplant team but continue to follow his case. Have you to talked to anyone other than your initial contact, you would be surprised how many different answers you can get while continuing to ask the same question. I do know that if your Dad’s financial situation fits their guidelines (basically little or no income), they have assistance available. I would also try the American Cancer Society, they have very knowlegeable people who can help, even with insurance problems. Their phone # is 1-800-227-2345
    Wish you the best-


    Kamilla….is it possible for one of your Dad’s physicians in Mobile to get in touch with the Doctor at MD Anderson?


    Dad was diagnosed with cancer unknown primary in January. He lives in Mobile, AL, but is on some type of Medicare. I live in Austin, TX. I persuaded him to go to MD Anderson to have his care controlled by the MDA doctors, but he actually takes the chemo treatments (as prescribed by MDA) in Mobile. He has been doing this since Feb. 15. Now, some body from MDA billing contacted me and said they don’t take his medicare, and we won’t be able to have the next follow up appointment to determine growth or shrinkage of the tumors. They just expect to drop him as a patient. Well, we gave them every shred of information about the insurance BEFORE the first appointment and they wouldn’t have even given us an appointment if they had not determined that he was covered. I am livid, to say the least. I told the lady that the doctor had a physician-patient relationship now, and that it was a breach of their fiduciary duty to just stop seeing him. The billing lady said they couldn’t even bill Dad directly, even if he could pay out of pocket, because they aren’t allowed to direct bill anyone on medicare. Has anyone dealt with this and what do I do next?
    The oncologists (more than one) in Mobile told my dad to basically go die, they gave him NO hope, and wrote him off. The doctors at MDA were 180 degrees, giving him several options, and saying let’s see what happens and how well you tolerate the chemo. He has tolerated the chemo extremely well and the tumors are stable.

    Any help advice advocacy phone numbers or anything would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for your support,

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